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Cinegy - from ingest to playout and everything in between

Cinegy at IBC 2010 Stand 7.A30

Cinegy, a developer of world-leading media software solutions for automation, playout, production workflow and archive, announces new products shown at IBC 2010.

Introducing Cinegy Capture - Making Ingest a Simple to Use and Affordable Network Appliance

Cinegy will be launching their new product family Cinegy Capture at IBC 2010, with Cinegy Capture Express being the first family member to be released. The idea behind Cinegy Capture is as simple as it is revolutionary. One or multiple instances can be installed on a server or standard PC with the respective number of SDI cards.

Once started Cinegy Capture announces itself to the network as an appliance that can be controlled remotely via a Silverlight based web client which runs on Windows and Mac OS X alike.

Cinegy Capture Express is aimed at the AVID production community allowing, among the many formats supported, the creation of AVID DNxHD media that is immediately usable in MediaComposer. This frees up AVID systems that would otherwise be used just for ingest purposes.


Cinegy Capture Express has a regular price of Euro 1495 but Cinegy has an introductory offer during IBC of Euro 995. The other family members Capture Web and the full Cinegy Capture version will be released shortly after IBC.

Capture Web is intended for web streaming purposes, by providing real-time H.264 SD and HD encoding for Flash, QT and Smoothstreaming. The full version of Cinegy Capture will have, among other features, multi-proxy support meaning that multiple encoding streams can be created at the same time e.g. high-res, med-res and low-res, which is required for MAM or archive workflows. Cinegy Capture comes with an open API that allows the creation of custom controls and user interfaces. The API is public and has been submitted to the AMWA-EBU FIMS committee as a media services standards proposal.

Introducing Cinegy Type - Extending Cinegy Air Playout with Real-time CG and Branding

Cinegy’s new character generation module Cinegy Type, is a new add-on for Cinegy’s Air product family. From simple ticker tapes and lower thirds to multi-layer character animations Cinegy Type includes a whole range of advanced effects and features. The new module addresses simple requirements such as logo insertion right through to complex branding with picture in picture and background squeeze.


The Cinegy Type template editor allows the prefabrication of templates that can then be triggered by Cinegy Air automation with the variable parts of the templates being automatically updated. The approved template design is created once and then re-used with minimal effort. The combination of Cinegy Air with Cinegy Type allows placement of two channels of HD playout with CG, branding, HD SDI and/or RTP/UDP output into a single 1RU server which translates into 84 complete HD playout channels in a single 42RU rack. Even higher density can be achieved using server blades. Cinegy Type is launched at IBC and has a price of Euro 2995 as add-on module to Cinegy Air. Cinegy Air starts at Euro 795 for the entry level Cinegy Air Express product with Cinegy Air HD being the top range product at Euro 5995. Buying Cinegy Air HD and Cinegy Type as bundle the price is Euro 8495

Introducing Cinegy Workspace – Working with Your Media Assets Anywhere and Anytime

The latest version of Cinegy’s media asset management and production workflow solution Cinegy Archive introduces a new and simple way to extend the ways of working with your media assets beyond the confines of the office. This is not just another web interface that may look nice but when it comes to really doing something with it is utterly useless. Cinegy Workspace combines the benefits of being installation-free and web browser-based with the amenities of a real application. This is achieved by using Microsoft’s latest Silverlight technologies that run equally using Mac OS or Windows, using Internet Explorer, Firefox or other browsers. This allows to create a user experience that feels like a “proper” application offering drag & drop, tabbed windows, frame-accurate media playback as well as swift operation. The Cinegy Workspace app is modular in nature and can be extended in functionality.


As a result Cinegy Workspace empowers media production teams to collaborate on projects wherever they are – in the office, at home or on the road. Changes are visible immediately allowing real-time collaboration. For more advanced operations such as advanced SD or HD timeline editing, tape or live SDI ingest, and XDCAM or P2 import, the Cinegy Desktop application is still the best choice. Cinegy Archive as the underlying central media asset management solution supports multi-proxy quality workflows, which allows members of the same team to work on the same project using different quality video with the changes being transparently reflected immediately regardless which quality is being used by who to look at the project. No re-linking or re-batching of media is required. Changes made to a project from a team member on the road using the Workspace client are immediately reflected in the Cinegy Desktop application and vice versa.

Granular access rights control, flexible metadata models, advanced user management and integration with existing enterprise IT solutions (Active Directory / LDAP) allow simple and secure management even of large user bases.

Cinegy Archive starts at Euro 4995 and includes five Cinegy Workspace user licenses. An Additional 10 user Cinegy Workspace license is Euro 1995 and a unlimited user Cinegy Workspace Server license is Euro 9995. Cinegy Desktop starts at Euro 2995 per floating license and quantity discounts can reduce the price to as low as Euro 1495 when purchasing large volumes.

IBC Starter Package - Enterprise Solution at Entry Level Price

Cinegy will be promoting offering a special IBC 2010 Cinegy Starter Package. The package includes a Cinegy Archive server license, 5x Cinegy Workspace clients, 1x Cinegy Ingest , and 2x Cinegy Desktop and 1x Cinegy Air. The Cinegy Starter Pack provides an integrated, end-to-end, digital media production and management system available in SD and / or HD with a starting price of Euro 9995 for the SD version and Euro 12995 for the HD version, saving tens of thousands of euros compared with buying the components of the starter pack individually.


Post Production Zone

The Post Production Zone was first introduced at IBC last year, and following its stunning success is making another appearance in Hall 7 this year. Cinegy will be presenting a case study session outlining how Cinegy Workflow has been implemented at ITV’s The London Studios; demonstrating how Cinegy has streamlined production workflows, enabling ITV to make programs more quickly and collaboratively, leading to time savings and cost reductions.

Cinegy Presentation times: Saturday 11th September: 12.00h, Sunday 12th September: 14.00 and Monday 13th September: 11.00h.

About Cinegy

Cinegy is a world-leading R&D company, developing and engineering video, broadcast and OEM software solutions. Cinegy software encompasses every aspect of collaborative production, from ingest to editing to playout, all connected to an active archive with full digital asset management. It is modular and scalable; it can be applied to a wide variety of production environments of differing size, scope and purpose, from entry level to enterprise. Based on standard IT hardware and non-proprietary storage technology, it is affordable, easily deployable and intuitive to use.
Cinegy’s application areas include: media workflow, media asset management, broadcast automation, newsroom integration, nonlinear editing, compositing and effects, MPEG technology / encoders/decoders and signal distribution and monitoring.