Catve and Master TV Invest in EVS Solutions for Sports and Live Events Production

Brazilian broadcaster Catve and the production company it recently acquired, Master TV, have both invested in solutions from EVS, the leading provider of live video production systems. The new systems are being used for a wide range of sports programming including stock car racing for TV Globo, Formula Truck and Brazilian Brands for TV Bandeirantes, soccer matches for SporTV, TV Globo and TV Bandeirantes, and the Motocross World Championship Grand Prix in Brazil and World Touring Car Championship for Eurosports.

“We’ve been using EVS systems since the 2000 FIFA Club World Championship,” said Catve director, Jorge Guirado. “We like their agility and reliability. They’re also very easy to use, so our production teams never have any difficulty operating them. EVS has an impressive reputation in the market: customers don’t ask questions when you have EVS servers.”

Catve acquired Master TV, a production house specializing in producing and transmitting all kinds of live events, earlier this year. Working closely with Video Systems, EVS’ partner in Brazil, Catve has invested in three EVS XT3 production servers and an EVS XTnano server, while Master TV has installed an XT3 server and two XTnano servers in its 15-meter double-decker mobile production truck. Master TV has also deployed EVS’ XHub3 media sharing network to interconnect its three servers, and EVS’ Epsio Live for inserting live graphics - such as offside lines, distance to the goal, scores and logos - in real-time and instant replays.


“The fact that both Catve and Master TV are long-time users of EVS solutions has made it easier to integrate our equipment and production teams,” added Guirado. “With EVS’ servers at the heart of our production infrastructure, we’re confident that we’ll be fully prepared for the major sporting events that will be hosted in Brazil over the coming years.”


“Alongside Video Systems, we’ve worked closely with both Catve and Master TV for many years, expanding their infrastructures as their production requirements have evolved” said Benjamin Mariage, VP sales, Latin America, EVS. “The addition of Master TV combined with these latest investments in EVS systems represent a major expansion to Catve’s production capabilities, placing them in an excellent position for the forthcoming sporting events in Brazil.”

EVS’ XT3 server provides complete control over the entire production process, from ingest to playout, including live editing, slow-motion replays, multi-channel playback and transfer to third-party systems for collaborative workflows with post-production, automation, archiving and storage. The XT3 is the first sever to natively support a wide range of codes without requiring hardware changes, enabling production teams to easily select the compression scheme they want to use throughout the entire editing process.


EVS’ XTnano server is an HD/SD slow-motion replay server designed specifically for live sports productions that need simple workflows. The server is optimized for applications such as ingest of AV files, live feed recording, live slow motion and super motion replays, clipping and playlist playout control. Its Gigabit Ethernet networking capabilities enable simultaneous play and transfer of AV files – either to other EVS servers or to editing or archive systems.

About EVS
EVS provides its customers with reliable and innovative technology to enable the production of live, enriched video programming, allowing them to work more efficiently and boost their revenue streams. Its industry-leading broadcast and media production systems are used by broadcasters, production companies, post-production facilities, film studios, content owners and archive libraries around the globe. It spans four key markets – Sports, Entertainment, News and Media.


Founded in 1994, its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionised live broadcasting. Its reliable and integrated tapeless solutions, based around its market-leading XT server range, are now widely used to deliver live productions worldwide. Today, it continues to develop practical innovations, such as its C-Cast second-screen delivery platform, to help customers maximise the value of their media content.
The company is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and North and Latin America. Approximately 475 EVS professionals from 20 offices are selling its branded products in over 100 countries, and provide customer support globally. EVS is a public company traded on Euronext Brussels: EVS, ISIN: BE0003820371.