Capital Goes Back to the 60s with Carnaby Street - The Concert


Carnaby Street – The Concert took the sounds of the 60s up and down the UK, from the south coast of England, into Wales and up to the north of Scotland. Capital Sound was there every step of the way, providing an audio system fit for the best of the rock n’ roll era.

With the tour playing small theatres, Capital’s challenge was to supply a system, complete with independent front of house and monitor desks, that would fit into a self-drive panel van, but still provide the punch and coverage the show deserved.


“We opted for the very small, compact Meyer Mina/USW sub system with a pair of Yamaha LS9 32 consoles and rack of Shure PSM900 IEM systems to provide dedicated monitoring for the seven-piece band on stage,” says Capital’s general manager, Paul Timmins. “With our compact packaging, we managed to get the complete system to weigh in at 1300kg and be within the weight limit of the van.”

Capital also provided two engineers who mixed the show and driving duties.

“We sent out two of our young guys, Matt and Curtis, as this was a great opportunity for them to gain experience and for us to nurture our young engineer talent,” Paul adds. “We even managed to make the budget work for single rooms and breakfast every day!”


“The Capital team did a great job,” comments Colin Cattle, MD for the production. “I was there for the first show and for the sound check on a subsequent show. The onstage mix was perfect and consistent for the cast and, more importantly, the front of house sound was mixed well, had great separation and enhanced the show wonderfully.


“The audio system was a great asset to us - as were Matt and Curtis, who were not only polite and efficient, but also did a great job.”