Canon Introduces Flagship HD Pan-Tilt Camera


Canon announced the new BU-47H,  a remote control pan-tilt camera head that stands at the very top of its class. Like its predecessor, the Canon BU-46H, it is dedicated to reproducing high picture quality and high resolution. However, with an extensive upgrading of camera functions, including finely-graded video adjustment functions that dovetail neatly with user preferences and shooting applications, it is custom-made for the broadcast market.

Producing broadcast picture quality, full HD video and with an image stabilising function and rugged construction, the camera is ideal for outdoor use in the most demanding conditions.

Features that help meet the industry’s highest standards
The new Canon BU-47H provides Full HD (1920x1080) through three CMOS sensors and a total pixel count of 2.37 megapixels. Its Canon HD zoom lens offers 18x optical zooming and AF function with a focal length of 4.1 to 73.8 mm, approximately 7.4mm to 134 mm (2/3” equivalent). A minimum subject brightness of 0.08 lux enables shooting at brightness levels equivalent to moonlight (0.5 to 1 lux).


For the professional, finely-graded video and picture quality settings can be adjusted by operating the OP knob. A brand new feature offers an adjustment alternative through an ECU function (only OP-450/U-4 protocol) which include: Gamma, black gamma, master pedestal, knee, setup, 100% clipping, sharpness level, sharpness horizontal band, sharpness HV balance, sharpness limits, sharpness select, knee aperture, luminance-adaptive sharpness, coring level, luminance-adaptive coring, noise reduction, skin detail, selective noise reduction, low-key saturation, colour matrix, colour gain, hue, white balance, colour correction.

BU-47H meets the needs of broadcasting professionals


Clear and stable images – whatever the conditions
With image stabilisation, camera shake is minimal even in high wind conditions. In fact, the BU-47H is built for the great outdoors – with an IP45 waterproof/dustproof rating, it can withstand jets of water from any direction and dust particles with a 1mm diameter shut-out. A wiper accessory is also available.

The camera’s compact size and light weight (approx. 17kg) enable installation almost anywhere, providing easy portability in outdoor programme production.

Compatible with existing systems and many application types
The BU-47H supports the NU protocol to provide a high level of compatibility with existing systems and reduce introduction costs. A range of different systems can be constructed, such as short distance control and long distance control, to fit in with the installation environment.

With its selection of interfaces, many kinds of applications are also supported. The camera utilises SDI signals, averting the need for a dedicated audio cable.


About Canon Europe
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