CAMEROBOT Systems GmbH: Broadcasting Automation from our source

Technologically advanced equipment for television studios

The new founded Camerobot Systems GmbH has specialized in tech-nologically advanced equipment for television studios providing new standards in broadcasting by offering innovative robotic solutions.This new company is founded by experienced automation expertsbased on the technology pioneered by rtLeaders who possess manyyears of experience and know-how in the field of broadcasting automation.

As a worldwide active supplier of turnkey robotic solutions, Camerobot Systems is already one of the leading suppliers in the field of broadcasting automation thanks to the bundled know-how. The company located in Bayreuth, Germany, offers high performance complete advanced Camerobot systems to television studios worldwide. Further to this highlight, the middleware Cosrobe software performs the easy integration of studio equipment of all current manufacturers. Thanks to optionally available mobile platforms the Camerobot system is able to move autonomously to different positions in the live studio.

The Camerobot system fulfils the most advanced requirements of modern livestudios and allows brand new and up to now unrivalled recording engineeringpossibilities with perfect quality. The system covers the complete product rangefrom basic camera movements up to Virtual Reality technologies. Several of these Camerobot systems have successfully been integrated for years in live studios.