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Camera stabilizer system artemis DV

artemis DV

Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, announces the camera stabilizer system artemis DV specifically for DSLR filmers. It offers greatest stability, rigid torsion and avoidance of wobbeling while shooting.

Smooth pan shots for DSLR cameras

The artemis DV has a low dead-weight of just one kilogram (2.2 lbs), and in addition to supporting HDV camcorders, it works beautifully with DSLR cameras using their video function. The system is carried in one hand enabling accurate shooting with the other, if required. The handgrip is designed to enable fluid camera work.

“Dynamic Balance” – fine counterbalance adjustment

Because the bow segments are machined out of one part, the artemis DV guarantees outstanding stability, torsional strength and prevents vibration during the shoot. The handgrip, monitor mount and counter weights can be individually positioned. The artemis bow features innovative “dynamic balance” technology, thus enabling fine counterbalance adjustment. Any popular TTF monitor can be assembled to the monitor mount, which can be freely positioned, thus enabling further shooting control. The artemis DV camera plate is compatible with Sachtler FSB fluid heads, ensuring fast change over from the tripod to artemis DV.

The artemis DV compactly transports in a convenient case which includes a stand and counter balance weights.