Camera Corps Takes Centre Stage in Fast Girls

Camera Corps Standard Tracking System as used in the film Fast Girls and at many of the world's largest sports events

A Camera Corps Standard Tracking System takes centre stage in the film Fast Girls scheduled for UK release on 15 June. The film charts the rollercoaster journey of a British female sprint relay team as its members strive to qualify for a major world athletics championship. Fast Girls is financed by BFI Film Fund, Studiocanal and Aegis, and developed by the UK Film Council. Ealing Metro is handling international sales.

"Camera Corps' tracking camera systems are an iconic element of high-profile sports broadcasts," says Fast Girls Art Director Jonnie Elf. "They allow remotely controlled cameras to capture close-up follow-shots of contestants at critical stages in a race. Television viewers see the output from the camera but rarely get to see the track and camera itself. "In this case, our objective was to include the tracking system as an integral element of the set to supplement the real experience of participating in a major racing event.

"We shot the race sequences at the Crystal Palace open-air stadium in south London. Camera Corps brought the tracking system to site and installed a 30 metre length along with control panel, all running from a standard single-phase mains power supply. Everything went fully to plan, the system being very easy to control."


Camera Corps, a Vitec Group brand, produces a wide range of remotely controllable camera tracking systems as well as the lightweight modular Flown Track for overhead cameras and the Vertical Track commonly used to televise diving events and music festivals from ground level to 12 metres camera height.

The Standard Tracking System is based on 300 millimetre gauge track available in 2 metre sections and up to 60 mm maximum length. Horizontal speed, camera pan/tilt/zoom/focus and camera height are all remotely controllable using a proportional joystick and button console. The system accommodates a choice of cameras and motorised pan/tilt heads. Lens height is adjustable between 650 and 1100 mm.


Fast Girls stars a trio of Britain’s hottest young stars: Lenora Crichlow (Being Human), Lily James (Clash of the Titans 2) and Bradley James (Merlin).  Directed by award-winning young filmmaker Regan Hall (3 Hours) and produced for DJ Films by Damian Jones (The Iron Lady, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), Fast Girls is co-scripted by Noel Clarke (Adulthood, Kidulthood), Jay Basu and Roy Williams. Clarke also heads the strong supporting cast line-up of Lorraine Burroughs (Dr Who), BAFTA nominee Phil Davis (Vera Drake), Rupert Graves (V For Vendetta) and newcomers Lashana Lynch, Dominique Tipper and Hannah Franson.

Based on the site of the former Brooklands motor-racing track near London’s Heathrow airport, Camera Corps specialises in providing high-volume support services for reality television programs as well as very large-scale sports and stage events. The company has achieved a pre-eminent reputation for its ability to acquire exciting and unusual television content from exceptionally challenging environments. The Camera Corps team expands during large-scale events from 16 staff to as many as 200 specialists, including professional climbers who are very experienced at rigging camera systems at height in almost any location.