BTS Celebrated a Record at IBC: the 555th OB Van!

Experienced specialist for systems integration has brought the 555th OB van as celebration show piece to IBC, properly decorated

BTS broadcast technology solutions has reached a new record by completing the 555th OB van in its factory at Weiterstadt, Germany since the company has restarted production in 1951 after World War 2.

BTS has continuously served the global broadcast market with state of the art technology solutions based on own developments and the technical skills of the experienced staff. The trusts of broadcast customers around the globe and close cooperation with the clients have lead to a deep understanding of their needs and an unrivaled expertise.

The OB van # 555 which was on display at IBC 2012 is a very special construction: The truck for a broadcaster from the Middle East has to function in enormous heat and heavy dust, has to provide its service reliably anytime and allow productive working conditions for the staff. The special know how of the BTS experts for such challenges and technical sophistication like a cold-air-lock at the entrance to provide heat and dust and no less than three special high temperature air conditioners enable perfect performance. To celebrate the record number the van is decorated with a special 555 mark of recognition.


About BTS broadcast technology solutions GmbH, Weiterstadt
BTS is an internationally experienced and innovative systems integrator in the television broadcast industry. Its customers include broadcasters, production companies, news agencies, archives, OB vans and corporate TV service operators. BTS works with the leading product manufacturers. Both the stationary solutions for studio production, play out, news, distribution and archiving solutions as well as the mobile OB vans and flight cases meet the highest standards of productivity, flexibility and reliability. BTS helps its clients build and optimize their broadcast systems: for a program in quality, safety and efficiency, that are the best in its class.