BSI @ IBC 2012

BSI will be located in booth 5.B20.

For almost 30 years, Broadcast Sports, Inc., an L-3 Communications company, has been the leading provider of wireless technology and communications systems rental for television broadcasting. Headquartered in Hanover, Maryland, BSI provides HD on-board cameras and wireless audio for a wide range of entertainment events around the world including the PGA and LPGA Tours, Triple Crown, INDYCAR, NASCAR, NFL, X Games, MTV Video Music Awards, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the 2009 Presidential Inauguration and the Olympic Games.

BSI will introduce its 'Blue Steel' MIC1500 wireless microphone system.
The microphone is unique in that it operates between 1435 and 1525 MHz, a tightly controlled slice of spectrum that requires special coordination and ensures a clean signal. The technology has already proven to be a valuable asset to productions in crowded RF environments in the US, like the Super Bowl, and will likely have a similar impact on large-scale productions in the UK and Europe.

The  MIC1500 microphone features an integrated "talk back" switch that allows the  user to toggle between on air recording and off air communication with the producer. It is designed with the internal antenna at the bottom of the shaft which prevents the presenter from obstructing the signal while still allowing him to hold the device comfortably. The handsets are battery powered and have an operational life of about 6 hours. The technology is also available in a belt pack configuration.


The microphone operates on BSI's Intelligent Diversity Receive Infrastructure which involves placing multiple receive sites across a wide area to ensure reliable signal transmission and reception for multiple wireless devices. It can be deployed across a variety of venues including sports stadiums, golf courses, marathon routes and car racing tracks. The company's wireless cameras, including point-of-view and on-board, and other communication devices also work on this system.

BSI to reveal their Pan Tilt Roll Zoom camera - a new remote-controlled compact wireless camera system
BSI builds specialist cameras that are "changing the way you view the  world," especially the way we view sport. The Pan Tilt Roll Zoom camera, known as PTRZ, is a waterproof camera designed to be mounted on sailing vessels, to capture action shots during a well-known international sporting event this summer. The company is also adapting the camera for land-based applications that would benefit from its robust functionality.


The PTRZ is a high quality 1080i HD camera with a small footprint. Its high quality 10x optical zoom lens provides outstanding performance for its size, just 210mm x 165mm and weight, only 2kg.

All aspects of the camera are adjustable remotely via the UHF channel to a built-in data receiver: most importantly the pan tilt roll and zoom functions, also the red/blue gain, iris, focus, shutter speed, saturation, master gain and master pedestal. The operator can also change the RF parameters of transmission frequency and modulation scheme, and switch from standby to operational mode.

It uses COFDM wireless encoding at H.264 MPEG-4 and MPEG 1 Layer II with QPSK and 16QAM modulation. It operates on frequencies from 1.4-1.5 GHz or 2.0- 2.5 GHz or BSI can supply models for other frequencies.

Mechanically, the PTRZ will pan 360° continuously, tilt through 60° (+40°/-20°)  and roll +/- 30°.  The whole camera system is sealed in a waterproof unit for harsh environments and there is a quick install and release mechanism for a quick set up.
The Pan Tilt Roll Zoom camera is supplied as a rental item from BSI.


BSI to demonstrate new 3D wireless camera package at IBC
BSI will demonstrate a complete 3D wireless camera package on an integrated Panasonic 3D camera, with low delay encoding, and full camera control. This system is ideal for live sports broadcast or any other kind of live performance.

BSI use their own dual stream mini encoder/transmitter, which is a tiny device a little larger than a cell phone, to carry the two signals simultaneously, which ensures synchronous signals from the two cameras used to capture the pictures from the left and right lenses.

BSI has also added its own in house-developed UHF camera control which allows the operator to adjust the parameters of the camera and control the convergence between the left and right eyes using the manufacturer's control panels. This means that the images from the 3D rig can be matched to the images from other cameras on the production.

BSI supplies specialist Point of View cameras and RF cameras for outside broadcast and sports broadcast. The company's expertise with 3D has evolved over the last two years, as the company has worked on extreme sports, 3D football, boxing, and tennis. Now, they are bringing together their own proven technology and practical experience to create this complete rental package. It is offered with engineering support and expert assistance to set up and monitor the RF devices.