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Brotheryn Studios Gears up with Solid State Logic AWS 900 and X-Desk

Busy Multi-Use Facility Gains Clarity and Improved Workflow With SSL

Brotheryn Studios has geared up with a Solid State Logic AWS 900 in Studio A and an X-Desk in Studio B to accommodate its growing film and music client list. Brotheryn Studios provides recording, mixing scoring and post services for projects that include Sony, Coca-Cola, Nestle, EA Sports, Patagonia and the latest offering—Kenny Loggins. The two consoles bring together the audio assets of the studio complex, delivering signature SSL sound and advanced console capabilities to all projects.

“In order to keep up with client demand, we needed to upgrade our main studio systems,” says Jason Mariani, co-owner and chief engineer for Brotheryn Studios. “To survive in the studio business, we needed to offer high-level services to clients from all walks of the industry. You need the right tools to excel at both music recording and sound for picture and the AWS 900+ SE and the X Logic X-Desk were the perfect choices for our applications.”

Brotheryn Studios was formed by Mariani and partners singer/songwriter/producer Todd Hannigan, singer/songwriter/producer Jesse Siebenberg and engineer Justina Powell. The studio is located in a quiet, scenic setting where clients can relax into the creative process far from the madding crowds of LA. The complex is built around Studio A with 1,150 square feet of space to handle scoring sessions and three associated isolation booths, each large enough for a drum kit or backup singers. Studio B is designed for analogue summing and mixing, but offers two isolation booths. Brotheryn Studios also offers a generous collection of vintage mics and outboard gear. The studio complex is completely inter-wired allowing the AWS to bring the different spaces, outboard gear and mics together. Both consoles offer SSL’s signature SuperAnalogue™ sound and flexibility to service any type of project from film to music.


“My background is with large format analogue consoles, so the AWS 900+ SE really makes sense for the type of work we do,” Mariani explains. “I like to use a lot of outboard gear and using the AWS makes patching that equipment into the signal flow extremely easy. There was clearly no other choice for this installation from a sonic perspective and a user’s perspective. The Total Recall and classic automation are powerful and straightforward and we really like controlling our Pro Tools® rig from the console. For us, there was really nothing that could beat the AWS.”

A year ago, the partners acquired the SSL X-Desk and really loved how it sounded and that led to the purchase of the AWS 900+ SE.

“As we used the X-Desk, it became obvious that we needed the AWS to give us more options,” Mariani concludes. “When you are doing a lot of things in the box, you are really limited and you kind of pigeon hole yourself as to the ways you can work and the routing choices you can make. The AWS allows us to get back into the business of crafting the right sound during the capture phase and everything flows from there. Everything now sounds bigger, wider, clearer and crisper, and our clients are hearing the difference.”


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