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Bosnian TV Channel Expanding their Cinegy System for News Production

Cinegy Air at Bosnian TV

Cinegy’s recently introduced Production Starter Pack is helping local Bosian Channel to expand its existing Cinegy Workflow. BN TV headquartered in Bijeljina, Bosnia, provides 24-hour local TV with news, political, and entertainment programs. The primary news program, BN Monitor, is the highest rated news channel in Republika Srpska. BN TV is characterized by carefully selected news programs that meet the needs of every viewer by providing relevant and independent news, entertainment and superb local and international content.

BN TV began its transition to an IT-based workflow in 2009

BN TV began its transition to an IT-based workflow using Cinegy products with a small system that was established in 2009. One year on, now Cinegy partner, Provideo d.o.o have secured a deal to expand the system with a new SD Cinegy Starter Pack to be used for news production. With the user-friendly NLE tools available in Cinegy Desktop, BN TV expects to speed up the process of news editing meaning they can produce news stories quicker and more efficiently.

Another factor in the decision to grow with Cinegy was the upcoming like-native support for Sony XDCAM EX video format, which is in development now. With this support Cinegy will allow BN TV to unify their news processes with other file formats and to prepare everything for archive.

“BN TV chose Cinegy because all video formats that they are using were supported,” explains Dragan Pajkanović from Provideo d.o.o. “When comparing Cinegy with other brands the stability and multiformat list of Cinegy’s playout software were crucial for the decision. The logical way forward is to continue with more Cinegy licences”


About the Cinegy Starter Pack

The Cinegy Starter Pack, available in SD or HD is an integrated, end-to-end, digital media production and management system aimed at small sized and local broadcasters. Each pack includes, 1 x Cinegy Archive, 5 x Cinegy Desktop, 1 x Cinegy Ingest and 1 x Cinegy Air. Prices start at $16000 / 13350€ more information can be found here

Cinegy Starter Pack


About Provideo

ProVideo d.o.o. head office and production facilities are located at Belgrade, in northwest part of Balkan region and its sales facilities cover most of the former Yugoslavia markets. The main activity of the company is providing equipment for TV and radio stations, video and audio production houses and corporative advertising departments. Beside import and selling an equipment of professional quality, ProVideo d.o.o. offers to clients constant technical support, as well as training of personnel in handling with an equipment and computer systems of the latest generation.



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Cinegy is a world-leading R&D company, developing and engineering video, broadcast and OEM solutions for international broadcasters and equipment vendors. Cinegy is fully committed to the advancement of IT technology in video, broadcast and cinema. The Company's name signifies the dedication towards finding synergies in high-end digital image processing and digital workflow. Cinegy LLC has offices in the United States and is headquartered in Los Angeles. Cinegy GmbH has offices in Germany and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. For more information visit