A Bola TV - From Print to Online TV and Finally to Broadcast


In March 2012 wTVision helped the Portuguese sports newspaper, A Bola, to start a TV Online Channel, built to be operated and broadcast, initially, on the web, but structured from scratch to migrate into TV broadcast format later.

After a huge success, October was the month chosen to do this migration that went from the ChannelMaker-in-a-Box to a redundant main&backup dual video server arquitecture.


Main technical aspects of this architecture:
Video Server - ChannelMaker is interfacing with Omneon to manage the channel's Playout tasks.
Video Router - To switch between video server and live video sources, ChannelMaker controls a Video Router from Evertz.
On-air Graphics - For the graphics playout, ChannelMaker controls a Orad Engine.
Logo Inserter - Everything is key’ed and mixed in a logo inserter from Evertz, controlled by gpi’s.

Real-time Graphics in Live Shows - Studio CG, wTVision’s Character Generator, was integrated on the customer’s structure. This software provides the client the flexibility to add new graphics to their daily shows at any time, without the need for programming or project integrators while providing smart editing forms to allow operators to input data easily and efficiently.
Ticker’s real-time Information - The playout obtains the graphics content for the tickers from the client webservices.


The flexibility and modular architecture of ChannelMaker allowed wTVision’s team to implement this project in record time.