Ayrton @ ProLight+Sound

AYRTON is specialized in developing intelligent LED light products for Entertainment and Architectural applications. Ayrton will launch three innovative new products at Prolight & Sound Frankfurt, where the company will be exhibiting in Hall 9.0 Stand E70.

The NandoBeam 302 is an elegantly designed, compact 300W LED moving head that provides ultra bright, concentrated beams of light and the possibility of individually controllable concentric circles for special effects.

NandoBeam 302 uses 19 RGBW 15W Osram light sources coupled with an ultra-fast 8° - 40° beam angle zoom. An innovative, advanced optical system allows the very concentrated, ultra bright beams to travel far and wide with deep and colourful wash capacity.

NandoBeam 302 is a very compact, lightweight, efficient and truly powerful motorised projector which benefits from a large colour screen, an internal battery from which the unit can be run when there is no access to power distribution, and new Neutrik PowerCON True One power connectors. The internal structure is made of steel and aluminium which makes NandoBeam 302 road ready whilst still maintaining an elegant design.


The MagicPanel 602 moving head is the first born in a family based on the principle of continuous double rotation in PAN and TILT mode. It is a modular LED luminaire which allows for a broad range of diverse visual effects (patent pending).

MagicPanel 602 is able to display media due to its integral Arkaos KlingNet protocol, or can be controlled via DMX or RDM protocols through its XLR connectors. The display is made up of thirty-six 15W LED RGBW modules fitted with high-output 7° 45mm optics.

Integrating the new 4G Ayrton technology which allows individual control of each LED source in expanded full colour mode (RGBW), MagicPanel 602 offers the option to display numbers, letters, graphic effects or images, as well as a massive 7° beam up to 15,000 lumens – all from a 600W power consumption.

MagicPanel 602 runs on a sophisticated and particularly quiet cooling system and can be used in groups to create rotating screens on the two axes to produce completely novel effects.


Finally, Ayrton will be launching DreamPanel Floor HD18, the first screen floor to be both HD and IP65 rated.

In 2005 Ayrton was the very first company to introduce a LED screen floor onto the market with its revolutionary DreamPanel Floor, which proved a real innovation for lighting designers who want to create animated stages. 2013 sees a second revolution with the arrival of DreamPanel Floor HD18.

DreamPanel Floor HD 18 is a 60cm x 60cm IP65 modular video tile equipped with HDMI connectors and designed specifically for screen-floor applications. The internal structure of the DreamPanel is specifically conceived to sustain heavy loads on the tile without altering the appearance of the projected image.

The exclusive 170° angle image diffusion system of DreamPanel Floor HD 18 allows global vision of the screen, while the system resolution enables panel constructions of 36m x 19.8m spread over a total of 7,128 square meters with a pixel pitch of 18.75mm. DreamPanel Floor HD18’s control system can operate each individual tile as a portion of the standard video screen.

The innovative concept of DreamPanel Floor HD 18 makes it ideal for television studios, concerts, exhibitions and convention halls as well as theme parks, clubs and many other entertainment applications.


About Ayrton:
Based south of Paris, France, AYRTON Headquarters and Research & Development centre combine and organize the highest competence in engineering, software, electronics and optics, aiming to create highly innovative fixtures.
AYRTON fixtures are created to answer any demanding installation and criteria, distributed through devoted and exclusive worldwide teams. AYRTON uses reliable, flexible and avant-garde technologies linked to innovative design, providing the AYRTON customers with wide range of pioneer lighting solutions to be installed in Stages, TV Studios, Show-venues and Architectural schemes.