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AXYS Beam Shaping Subwoofers

§D Directivity Ballon

Having started the beam steering revolution back in the 1990’s with their Intellivox range audio industry pioneers Duran Audio are once again embarking on another adventure with their range of Beam Shaping Subwoofers which will be launched at Prolight and Sound in Frankfurt.

The AXYS range of Beam Shaping Subwoofers are designed to be totally versatile, scalable and easy to use. Those who invest in the technology can achieve maximum control for the minimum of investment. One day you could use a huge array of subs to control the low end at a large arena or stadium gig and the next day you could use one unit on its own in a simple conference setup or 3 units combined in a hyper cardioid set up in a theatre.

Double Spaced Bass Array


Bass with precision and punch

Bass with precision and punch: being able to control the dispersion of the bass array in a reverberant space, such as a large indoor arena or concert hall you can add more definition & punch to the low end and banish that flabby undefined bass sound that you normally experience due to the poor the direct to reverberant ratio at low frequencies. Basically you can aim the bass where you want it, at the audience, and excite them and not the room.

Reduce noise pollution! Controlling the dispersion of a bass array can also help deal with the tricky problem of noise pollution at large outdoor events. By shaping and steering the dispersion of the array you can really maximise the experience for the audience whilst keeping the neighbours happy too! At last bass with fewer complaints.

Don’t just follow the crowd, lead from the front by finding out more about AXYS Beam Shaping Subwoofers on Stand D70, Hall 8 at Prolight and Sound.