Axon 3G Glue for Two New Outside Broadcast Vehicles for Russia

ANO Sports Broadcasting Adds to OB Fleet With New Master Control Room & Supporting Mobile Eight Camera Flight-case Production Un

Netherlands-based AV conversion, processing and compliance recording specialist, AXON Digital Design, has been selected by leading German systems integration company, Broadcast Solutions GmbH, to provide Synapse modular processing equipment for two new high definition (HD) outside broadcast (OB) vehicles.

The 3Gb/s capable vehicles have been commissioned by Russian broadcast systems company, ANO Sports Broadcasting and will add to its extensive mobile production facilities that are being developed to support the broadcast of the forthcoming Olympic Winter Games in Russia.

One vehicle is configured as a large master control room for ANO Sports Broadcasting’s extensive fleet of OB trucks with five discrete areas providing feed/line control, supervisor area, server control, audio control and a main technical area. A second support vehicle contains a complete flight-case based eight-camera production unit. Also, the vehicle includes a 2.4 meter SNG System.


In both trucks, Axon has installed a number of different 3Gb/s capable broadcast glue modules from its Synapse range. These will fulfill a range of signal processing requirements from analogue video D/A to dual-channel up conversion.

All basic SD/HD up, down and cross signal conversion and synchronization – the fundamental glue that binds together the vehicles’ production workflows - is supported by Axon’s GXGO10 module. The GXG010 is a low latency up, down, cross converters with 16 channel audio transparency. The GXG010 are compatible with 270Mb/s,1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s for full 1080p/50 or 1080p/59.94 use.


Another key component in the vehicle’s production workflow is the Axon GQW220 quad split modules since within the MCR vehicle they control 160 picture feeds which are simultaneously viewed over a bank of ten 47-inch monitors.

The GQW220 is a high-quality 4x 3Gb/s or HD or SD-SDI (in any combination) to QWXGA converter based on DVI or 3Gb/s HD SDI output. The unit supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 resolution and a Tally and UMD OSD is also included. This advanced feature set enables a very compact monitor solution with the UMD and Tally as part of the set. Time code support is also included. It supports LTC, SNTP, ATC and VITC standards. Axon developed de-interlacing and scaling algorithms ensure crisp picture quality.

“Our customer, ANO Sports Broadcasting, is a highly ambitious broadcast service provider with a great vision of the future,” commented Stefan Breder, CEO at Broadcast Solutions. “To match their vision we needed technology partners that share this vision and Axon is such a company. Already, Synapse is found in many of the ANO Sports Broadcasting OB vehicles and it meets all of their requirements for advanced broadcast glue.”


Already, ANO Sport has a good experience in using Axon equipment for other projects, so they made a clear decision to integrate Axon technology in this project. The result is that, at the next Olympic Winter Games Axon will be the main supplier of infrastructure equipment used for the broadcast coverage.

“Broadcast Solutions is a leading systems integrator, not only in Germany but also throughout the world, so we are delighted to support them in the design and construction of these two advanced OB facilities,” said Harry Kanters, Axon’s Director of Marketing & Sales “We are seeing strong growth in our German operations and these prestigious projects help to grow our profile in this important European market, which is stressed by the appointment of Michael Schneider, Area Sales Manager at Axon Germany. ”


About Broadcast Solutions
Broadcast Solutions, headquartered in Germany is an International supplier of broadcasting infrastructure – video, audio and control systems, and satellite communications. German engineering to international standards: especially in the high-end field of mobile production equipment, from small radio cars to 24-camera outside broadcasting vehicles.
In the last three years alone, the company has produced over 40 outside broadcasting vans in every conceivable variant, as well as diverse studio installations, SNG’s and fixed up- and downlink stations.
Broadcast Solutions offers customers the major advantage of a single source supplier without being tied to a specific manufacturer. From the fixed infrastructure or external coach building to the core production tools and satcom systems, it develops individual solutions tailored to specific needs and requirements.

About AXON
Based in Gilze, Netherlands, Axon develops, manufactures and markets high quality broadcast equipment for the conversion, processing and compliance recording of audio and video signals. Products integrate advanced signal processing techniques, innovative engineering and modular flexibility and provide high quality, affordability and reliability within mission critical applications.