Avolites and Avolites Media with Backstage Academy

Avolites and Avolites Media work with BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® to provide fresh creative talent for the future.

As part of BACKSTAGE ACADEMY®’s accredited intensive Foundation Degree in Live Events Production, Avolites and Avolites Media gave a four day training session at LS-Live’s top facilities. The fantastic event at the LS-Live venue presented a unique link between students and technical industry professionals, helping to deliver on the promise of providing the workforce of the future.

Selvin Cooper of Avolites Media Ltd. Along with Emma Thompson and new Training Assistant, Amy Schofield, of Avolites Ltd. visited their base at Wakefield in West Yorkshire to conduct an insightful overview on lighting design and programming using current Avolites technologies, which included the Tiger Touch, Titan Version 5 operating system and the Ai media control software. These sessions were provided as full training sessions across the two disciplines of Lighting Control and Media Server Control.

Each attendee to the packed event was then able to fine tune their practical skills, bringing them in line with current industry expectations and utilising the very latest in industry developments. Koy Neminathan, Avolites Sales Manager, concurs: ‘coming together with partners such as BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® acts as a vital training resource for young talent and helps them to achieve the best they can, early on in their careers.’


BACKSTAGE ACADEMY®’s FdA Course Leader and COO Robin Watkinson commented: “Once the students have learnt the basics of the theory of light, and the applications of lighting design and programming, during the month-long Lighting Module, it’s important that they then gain practical experience in using a variety of technology that they will come across in live events. “We were privileged to have the support of Avolites’ training and development team who did a fantastic job with the students.”

With this year’s success proven a hit with students and professionals alike, recruitment for the next group of hopeful students begins in November 2012.


Avolites has built its reputation upon rock-solid live, busk driven desks where seconds count. Committed to providing the very best solutions to all aspects of the industry, Avolites have been evolving since 1976; offering cutting edge technologies across a diverse range of pioneering and steadfast equipment with the highest of quality and design, plus swift and intuitive TITAN software.
Avolites Media Ltd: Part of the Avolites Group, Avolites Media Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Managing Director Steve Warren. Sole manufacturer of the Ai brand media servers with an aim to deliver a comprehensive lighting and video solution in one single medium.