ARUJI selects SoftCast for Broadcast in Japan

SoftCast products will be shown at Broadcast Asia 2015 at SoftCast booth No.5F2-04 at Marina Bay Sands starting June 2

Ideal Systems Japan announced today that Aruji, one of Japan’s leading media companies, providing services for satellite broadcasting and playout operations, has selected the SoftCast Technology broadcast solution for multi-channel automation, playout and media asset management from Ideal Systems Japan.

Aruji have deployed the SoftCast broadcast system a file-based solution with SoftCast SC-MAM media asset management at its core. Softcast SC-MAM manages Aruji’s workflows such as ingest and quality control of various types of content while Softcast SC-Autoplay, a "Channel-in-a-box" solution, provides integrated playout for Aruji’s 24/7 operations. The iCyberNAS is a high-speed central storage system which runs over a 10GbE backbone.

SoftCast’s scalable platform not only enables simple and quick channel expansion but it also offers easy integration into OTT and VOD distribution platforms. Softcast is also “future-proofed” with full support for 4K playout.


“We had been searching for a next generation software based playout system and when we found SoftCast we knew it was the right technology platform for our future growth. We spent quite some time testing and evaluating the SoftCast system before deciding on deploying it. During this period, we encountered a number of additional requirements that we wanted implemented into our system, all of these requirements were met by the flexible SoftCast system. The Softcast team quickly satisfied all of our requests and dramatically improved the workflows in our operation. We believe that we made the great technology choice for our current and future broadcast requirements”, said Shin Kudo, Chief Technical Officer at Aruji in Tokyo.


“Ideal Systems have made a significant investment in Japan not just with the opening of our office in Tokyo and expansion of our team there, but also in the development of our SoftCast product to ensure full localization and operability in Japanese. As a result of this investment Ideal Systems can now deliver and support the full suite of SoftCast modules in Japan. This now makes SoftCast the only fully integrated software platform that can offer Channel in a Box Playout and Automation, News Room Computer System (NRCS), Media Asset Management (MAM) and Over The Top (OTT) delivery all from one platform and all in Japanese. This investment has been recognized by Aruji and it’s an honour to have a prestigious customer such as Aruji select the SoftCast solution. I lived and worked in Japan for a number of years and it’s great to see SoftCast being successful there”, said Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO at Ideal Systems Singapore and spokesman for

About Aruji
Aruji is Japan’s premier broadcast outsource facilities company, providing services to broadcasters such as satellite up and down linking, channel playout, datacenter operations, editing and post production services. The operate multiple playout facilities and earth stations with multiple c-band and Ku-Band uplinks across Japan.


About Ideal Systems
Ideal Systems, Asia’s largest broadcast systems integrator and is a multinational organization providing innovative media and design solutions to sectors, including broadcasting, telecoms, and media. Ideal Systems provides services that range from systems consultancy and design conceptualization to systems deployment and support of broadcast systems, facilities and studios.
SoftCast Technology is the product division of Ideal Systems, based in Singapore. Launched in 2014 SoftCast provides Software based products for News, Automation, Playout and MAM and already has multiple deployments in Singapore, Japan, USA, India and Malaysia.
Ideal Systems has eleven regional offices in nine countries across Asia. The company employs over 200 staff members in its offices in Hong Kong (Head Quarters), China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Singapore (S.E.A. Head Quarters), Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.