Aqua Marinex Cable Series


When you’re in deep water, …
you should have at least a decent cable laid. New to the SOMMER CABLE product range is a traversely watertight cable series called AQUA Marinex. This high-quality cable series is the SOMMER CABLE company’s response to the increasing requests from the installation branch and the professional PA sector.

Owing to their special PUR jacket which is both resistant to salt water and microbes, the cables can be installed in water depths between 50 and 100 m. A special protection sleeve prevents the intrusion of moisture and provides the necessary pressure compensation prevailing in large water depths.

A UV-resistant and sand-repellent jacket surface also enables the AQUA MARINEX series to be used outdoors on boats or for inshore installations. In addition the jacket is halogen-free and flame-retardant according to protection class IEC 332-1.


Currently several audio, video and network lines are available. Custom-made items are possible from a certain purchase quantity.

Applications for this high-quality cable series are e.g. water oases, fountains and sediment technology, ship and boat building, adventure and amusement parks, winter and outdoor sports grounds, sea events, underwater film and video technology and many more.