Angénieux Brings Award-Winning Lens Line-up to CABSAT

Expanded Zoom Lens Line for S35+mm and Large Sensor Cameras for any Shooting or Production Style

Showcasing its line-up of award-winning, high performance zoom lenses and accessories for today’s S35+mm film and large format sensor video cameras, Angénieux will welcome industry professionals and other visitors at CABSAT 2013, March 12-14 at the Dubai World Trade Center Hall 6, Stand Number A6-31.

Angénieux will display the latest award winning Optimo Lightweight Hand-Held 45-120mm Lens (T2.8) - also available in 15-40mm (T2.6), 28-76mm (T2.6) focal lengths, and one of the two new Optimo long lenses the Optimo 19.5-94mm (T2.6) also available in 28-340mm (T3.2) focal lengths. Also featured are the two Optimo DP Series lenses available in 16-42mm (T2.8) and 30-80mm (T2.8) focal lengths.

Calibrated focus marks and ample focus rotation are a featured design of the lenses, along with superior guiding mechanisms for zoom and focus. The showcased Optimo Series lenses provide 31.4mm (diagonal) image coverage for perfect compatibility with all S35+mm film and digital cameras, and the company’s Optimo DP Series is specifically designed for use with digital cameras.


“Our continued goal is to provide cinematographers and DPs with high performance zoom lenses that make it possible to bring their vision to the screen,” said Dominique Rouchon, International Sales Director, Thales Angénieux. “We will continue to expand our product portfolio to provide exacting optics for virtually any shooting and production style.”

Angénieux’s leading lens line-up has received several industry awards including a Scientific and Engineering Award® from AMPAS® for the lightweight Optimo 15-40mm and 28-76mm zoom lenses; a Technical Achievement Award from the Society of Camera Operators for the design of the Optimo 15-40mm, 28-76mm and 45-120mm hand-held zoom lenses; and a CINEC Award from the Society for cine Technik Bayern e.V. (CTB) for outstanding innovation in optics for the Optimo 45-120mm zoom lens. Most recently, Thales Angénieux was honored by the French government with the prestigious “Living Heritage Award” in recognition of the company’s legacy and tradition of excellence and innovation.


Angénieux’s comprehensive line-up of lenses includes: 

Optimo Lightweight Hand-Held Lenses
Available in 15-40mm, 28-76mm, 45-120mm focal ranges, Optimo hand-held zoom lenses are lightweight and compact with high performance characteristics that include fast aperture, no ramping and minimal to no breathing. The combined focal length of 15mm to 120mm grants unmatched versatility within the most usable focal range, while reducing production time and cost. Outstanding image quality and a high precision zoom guiding mechanism for perfect tracking round out the features. The Optimo lightweight, handheld lenses deliver superior optical performance rivaling prime lenses at equivalent focal lengths.

Optimo Long Lenses
On their way to achieving industry standard status, the Optimo 19.5-94mm and 28-340mm long focal range lenses are fast, long and wide. With 31.4mm diagonal image coverage, they are an ideal complement to today’s S35+mm film and large format sensor cameras, including the full 5K Epic sensor. Featuring internal focus and minimal breathing, the Optimo Long Lenses deliver superior optical performance rivaling prime lenses at equivalent focal lengths.


Optimo DP Lenses
Angénieux’s Optimo DP 16-42mm and 30-80mm lenses offer a broad focal range, fast aperture of T2.8 and a lightweight, compact design – a perfect match for large format digital cameras. With calibrated focus marks and no ramping or breathing, Optimo DPs deliver the image coverage of full S35+/ 31.4mm diagonal cameras (not for use with cameras with spinning mirrors). The Optimo DP 16-42mm and 30-80mm are the lenses most sought after by cinematographers shooting with large format single sensor digital cameras, available now at a cost-effective price point.

The Optimo 3D package consisting of optically matched 16-42mm Optimo DP and/or 30-80mm Optimo DP lenses, with accessories, in a customized carrying case is a true help/perfect solution to facilitate 3D shoots.

About Thales Angénieux
Thales Angénieux, a Thales subsidiary, is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-tech optical and optronic systems. The company specialises in zoom lenses for cinema.