AMV Employ Barnfind Americas Innovations for Video and Audio Solutions

Integration of BarnOne™, BarnMini ™, and SFPs in All Mobile Video Production Systems Used to Increase Fiber Network’s Reliability and Efficiency

Barnfind Americas, the U.S.-based presence for Norwegian manufacturer Barnfind Technologies, recently announced that All Mobile Video (AMV) has deployed the company’s solutions as a core component of all their fiber operations. The Barnfind solutions, part of a revolutionary multi-functional, signal neutral transport platform, are fully integrated into AMV’s workflow and include BarnOne™ (1RU) frames, BarnMini™ devices, and Small Form Factor Pluggables (SFPs). AMV is one of the country’s premier providers of end-to-end video and audio solutions, offering a full spectrum of production services.

According to Lee Blanco, Director of Engineering, the compact Barnfind solution has proven more reliable than comparative devices previously employed by AMV that took up much more rack space. “The Barnfind solution is the staple of our inventory for all of our fiber requirements,” commented Blanco. “It not only handles all of our signal format needs, but also allows operators to monitor both ends of the system over the network fiber regardless of location. Whether it’s HDSDI, HDMI, MADI, Ethernet, ASI – it’s now wrapped around everything we do.”

The intelligent 32x32 electrical and optical routing system adds a valuable element by allowing AMV to utilize the fiber in place more efficiently and effectively. “In addition to being able to troubleshoot and monitor signals from opposite ends, receive alarms and reports, AMV can now route point-to-point, or multiplex many different signal types into the fiber bi-directionally and add, drop, or repeat signals as needed,” explained Barnfind Americas president, Sean Busby.

Most recently, AMV utilized Barnfind gear to route signals at several high-profile events, including: The Pope’s visits to New York’s 9/11 Memorial Museum, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park; the Miss Universe Pageant; and the U.S. Open.


At several of these events, the Barnfind system linked all of the fiber connectivity between the host broadcaster and international broadcasters situated outside the venue. Many BarnMini devices were also used at various edge locations to bring back signal channels from camera locations, or MADI, or HDMI signals to the BarnOne hub frames for distribution and transmission.

AMV’s BarnOne solution, which has grown to many frames from their original handful of units, are used for all of their critical events and projects.