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All New GOLDENEAGLE HD V2 Modulation Monitor from Audemat

Goldeneagle HDV2

Audemat, the Monitoring and Test specialists within the WorldCast Systems group, have announced an all new version of their highly successful HD modulation monitor, the GOLDENEAGLE HD V2.

Audemat's GOLDENEAGLE HD Evolves to Offer Innovative New RDS, HD Data and Remote Control Functionality

With a significant installed base throughout the United States, the GOLDENEAGLE HD has for several years been the preferred tool of broadcasters needing critical, real-time information about their HD, AM and FM signals. A key element in its success is its feature-rich architecture which offers an optional spectrum analyzer/digital demodulator and transmitter remote control capabilities in addition to the core modulation monitor.

Significant additional functionality in both hardware and software

The new GOLDENEAGLE V2 adds significant additional functionality in both hardware and software to this already feature-packed unit. On the software side, the innovative V2 offers three key new benefits to broadcasters:

Advanced RDS Monitoring Capabilities
The GOLDENEAGLE HD V2 now offers analysis of RDS groups distribution, AID monitoring, and the remote streaming of raw RDS data.

Advanced Monitoring of HD Data
With the ability to monitor many new HD data signals such as UFID (iTunes HD Tagging), IBOC BER and PAD, the GOLDENEAGLE HD V2 offers the broadcaster a highly detailed insight into their network and, the opportunity to take corrective action quickly. For example, with PAD monitoring, the Goldeneagle HD V2 can be configured so that an alarm is triggered if the PAD fails to change.

Support for Scripteasy V2
The GOLDENEAGLE HD V2 can be utilised as a powerful facility control with or without the addition of input/output interfaces. Scripteasy V2, the revolutionary software application supplied with the GOLDENEAGLE HD V2 allows for easy graphical scripting to fully automate the process of event triggering on out-of-tolerance conditions. This new version also supports SNMO communication for control and monitoring of other devices on the network.


Delivering several substantial benefits

On the hardware side, the GOLDENEAGLE V2 offers a new HD tuner enabling detailed HD data monitoring such as presence of services and MIME types as well as enabling the streaming of raw HD data.

The GOLDENEAGLE V2 is available as a brand new unit or as a software / hardware upgrade for existing GOLDENEAGLE customers.

Commenting on the launch of the new GOLDENEAGLE HD V2, Christophe Poulain, President of WorldCast Systems Inc said, “The new GOLDENEAGLE HD V2 delivers several substantial benefits over and above those of the original unit. The functionality and flexibility of this device is unrivalled in the marketplace and we anticipate significant demand both from potential new customers and our existing GOLDENEAGLE users.”

The GOLDENEAGLE HD V2 will be available for demonstration at the WorldCast Systems’ booth C.751 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 12th-15th.

About WorldCast Systems

Encompassing the industry-leading brands of Audemat, APT & Ecreso, WorldCast Systems offers a wide range of reliable, innovative and high performing products for the studio site, transmitter site and the coverage area. Product lines include: world-class RDS encoders, AM, FM & HD digital audio processors, audio codecs for IP, E1/T1, ISDN and leased line, video over IP multiplexers, FM and DVB transmitters, high precision test equipment for FM, GPS field strength meters for HD, FM, DVB with built-in modulation monitors; RF monitoring equipment; and transmitter remote control for HD, AM, FM and TV (ATSC, DVB).

WorldCast Systems specialises in the development of efficient, multi-purpose products under its “Radio All in One” brand. This range combines many functions into a single unit enabling savings on cost, space, time and energy.

The group focus on innovation has ensured that WorldCast System products have been selected for over 15 prestigious awards at the NAB Show over the past 10 years.

WorldCast Systems is privately owned by the board of Directors, as well as capital investors .Headquartered in Bordeaux-Merignac, France, the group also has offices in Belfast, Miami, New-Delhi and Beijing and employs over 150 staff worldwide.