AKK TV Powers up EVS Technology for Live Coverage of Grand Prix European Motor Racing

German OB facility trusts in EVS for Grand Prix motor racing contract with Austrian public broadcaster ORF

AKK TV, a German OB facility, has upgraded all of its EVS production servers to enable Austrian public broadcaster ORF’s live TV coverage of this season’s major motor racing competition in Europe – starting with the recent Spanish Grand Prix motor race in Barcelona. EVS, the leading provider of live video production systems, strengthened its long-standing relationship with AKK TV by facilitating the upgrade of its existing XT2 servers to XT3 live production servers and adding an LSM Connect tablet-based solution for instant access to, and control of, all clips and playlists.

For ORF’s Grand Prix workflow, AKK TV employs XT3 servers to ingest multiple feeds and playout highlights packages and pre-recorded interviews. The LSM Connect allows the operator to instantly access clips, integrate metadata and create and edit playlists on-the-fly via its direct connection to the LSM remote and XT3.


Upgrading to XT3 servers gives AKK TV the peace of mind to handle any current or future format or workflow without needing to overhaul its infrastructure. With bigger files and new file formats emerging daily, the ability to handle and store 4K images is paramount, and the XT3 boasts 20TB of storage space, 381 hours of HD recording space or 762 hours of SD recording capacity. Compared to the XT2, the XT3 comes with an extra two HD/SD video channels, meaning AKK TV can have two operators working on the same machine at the same time. It also gives AKK TV the option to configure up to eight SD/HD video channels or three 4K channels.

Volker Gispert, CEO at AKK TV, explained: “EVS is a long-standing and highly trusted partner. Its reliable solutions are central to our live production infrastructure and our business success. The upgrade to XT3 servers will not only make our operations even faster and future-proof our workflow, but will also allow us to further extend our live TV production capabilities.”


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