AETA Audio Systems @ NAB 2012

AETA is exhibiting at booth # C2850

AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS is a leading international developer of portable sound recording units, mixers and advanced audio codecs, optimized for any kind of media and transmission infrastructure. "Made by AETA" is a synonym for high quality and rapid return on investment. With its strong commitment to innovation, the company has an outstanding history of industry firsts.

AETA is a co-founder of the Audio-Over-IP experts group, which includes the leading manufacturers worldwide and targets inter-operation standards for IP transmission meeting EBU recommendations. For further information on AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS, its products and its national and international customers, please go to AETA is based at Le Plessis Robinson, Paris.

NEW — Scoop 4IP: The Cost-Efficient Solution for IP The new Scoop 4IP is a rack-mount codec focused on IP links, designed specifically for broadcasters (STL users) or others who wish to do their live transmissions over IP. Scoop 4IP has all the key features that make it worthy of the "Made by AETA" label: high audio quality, reliability, X24/V11 and Ethernet interfaces, a wide range of coding algorithms, and especially the famous 4SB ADPCM at a low latency in quality 15kHz. In addition, Scoop 4IP also has audio analog input/output, simultaneous AES, additional I/O, and the option to configure and manage the equipment via embedded Web page. Broadcasters get all of this with the Scoop 4IP at a very attractive price.

NEW — Scoop 5: The Most Advanced Technology in a Rack or Studio
CodecAt NAB, AETA will introduce Scoop 5, the newest generation of Scoop technology. Building on the feature set that made Scoop4+ a resounding success, Scoop 5 combines a major upgrade to the software platform with an ergonomically improved design. Faster, more intuitive operation; profile management and supervision via an embedded Web page; a new control panel with graphic displays; and an elastomer keyboard for greater comfort make Scoop 5 the leading product in its class.


NEW — 4MinX: Digital Mixer and Recorder in One Unit Wins Innovation Award
As the first fully integrated multi-track digital recorder and mixer, 4MinX opens up new production opportunities for the broadcast and media industry. It is capable of mixing and recording 5.1 or 7.1, both indoor and outdoor. 4MinX functions as a TV/film sync-sound location recorder, or it can be reconfigured to record music or mix up to four channels. With the new lightweight 4MinX, a user can work on location for more than six hours before the unit's standard batteries need recharging.  In a testament to its value for broadcasters, the 4MinX won a prestigious SATIS innovation award in the production category in Paris in November 2011.

NEW FEATURE — LTE Support for Scoopy+, the Most Complete Portable Codec
AETA's renowned Scoopy+, the industry's first portable professional audio hardware codec to support HD Voice (7 kHz), now supports the higher-speed LTE standard as well. LTE provides a significant performance improvement and alternative to congested 3G networks by enabling up to 100Mbits/s download and 50Mbits/s upload, with lower latency for better performance during live transmissions, and better coverage in rural areas by using lower frequencies in the 800 MHz band. Scoopy+ now includes IPv6 support for further ease of use.

Internal LTE modules are available in new Scoopy+ units, and the latest firmware for the Scoopy+ supports several LTE external USB sticks, allowing LTE to be used with the different standards in Japan, Europe, and the U.S.A. With an external USB stick, LTE capability can easily be added to existing units and used in conjunction with an internal HD Voice module. For fast switching between mobile network providers, the Scoopy+ can support internal and external mobile network devices in parallel.


NEW — HD Voice in the USA
T-Mobile® USA recently activated its new 7 kHz speech service in Los Angeles. The Scoopy+ already supports this HD Voice service through its internal 3G module. While mobile IP links can suffer from unreliable throughput and variable latency, HD Voice is a circuit-switched service that provides superior voice quality at low latency.

Broadcasters never lose a story with Scoopy+ HD because this lightweight, portable codec not only transmits from everywhere to everywhere, it also offers recording and editing functions. Before transmitting, users screen all wired and wireless telecommunication systems at hand and select the best interface available.

HD Voice delivers higher-quality voice transmissions by extending the frequency of range of traditional or narrowband voice calls (300 Hz to 3400 Hz) out to wideband audio ranges (50 Hz to 7000 Hz). The wideband sound quality (7.2 kHz) allows the full signature character of the reporter's voice to be heard, leading to greater audience involvement and loyalty. And because the unit's rechargeable batteries last for more than five hours, a reporter can continue reporting when most others must look for an electrical outlet.

Christophe Mahoux, General Manager
"AETA's presence at NAB this year is about building on the tremendous success of our existing products and introducing new offerings to provide broadcasters with cutting-edge tools for recording, mixing, and transmitting events, from the field or the studio. At NAB, broadcasters will see how we have innovated to allow for live IP transmission; Web-based configuration and management; faster, more intuitive Web browsing; HD Voice and LTE support. Attendees will also see our new award-winning 4MinX, the industry's first ultra-portable DSP-based combined audio recorder and four-channel mixer with a breakthrough combination of functionalities for TV sync-sound location recording, music recording and satellite mixing, or radio journalism."