AED Rent Expands to the UAE with its First Ever Franchise Company


AED Rent NV is very proud to announce that the first ever AED Rent Franchise company will open its doors in the United Arab Emirates as from now: AED Rent Franchise UAE. The brand new AED Rent Franchise will be the dry hire partner for the rental companies in the United Arab Emirates.

AED Rent, the Equipment Banker and leader in Europe for his dry hire system sees the AED Rent Franchise offices as an expansion to EMEA and the East. As from 2015 this formula will be commercialized; one company per country will be able to become an AED Franchisee under the AED Rent nv conditions which means best quality and state-of-the art products, high standards, large inventories, etc…


The way of working with interactive workflows guarantees AED to work fast and to the point. Touchscreen monitors in the warehouses allow the employees to work paperless, updates go very fast and of course all the information is centralized which supports AED to keep the standards high. The aim of this Rental Franchise formula is to provide the best service to the rental companies anywhere; we offer more service to our clients to be present in Europe, Africa, The Middle East and the Far East.


The reason to choose Nigel Pinto’s company in Dubai is that AED Rent Franchise UAE will be the gateway to a ‘new world’ full of imagination and innovation. Congratulations to AED Rent Franchise UAE!
The franchisee is AED Middle East Audio Visual Trading LLC and Mr. Nigel Pinto will be the Managing Director.
This AED Franchise Rental company will offer the same equipment as AED Rent (catalogue available: Lighting, Trussing, Video and Audio equipment.

AED Rent has shipped 200 tons of equipment to the Middle East including the following brands: L’Acoustics, JBL, Shure, QSC, Panasonic video projectors, High End Systems, Clay Paky, Vari*Lite, Zap, Robert Juliat, Prolight and a lot more…

At this very moment 12 people are trained from the AED HQ staff. The warehouse of 2500m² has test zones like in all AED companies with AED standard procedures.

For more info:
AED Rent Franchise UAE
Building Nr 3,
Warehouse Nr 5
Dubai Investment Park 2 Dubai
PO Box 116167
United Arab Emirates
Mobile: +971 50 621 4670