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Free microP2 Adapter Extends the Benefits of microP2 to AG-HPX250/255

Panasonic is rewarding professional end-users purchasing an AG-HPX250EJ or AG-HPX255EJ and one or more microP2 Cards with a free AJ-P2AD1G microP2 Card adapter.

Valid from the 10th June to 30th of September 2013 and following the release of a firmware upgrade enabling microP2 compatibility, the microP2 Card adapter extends the benefits of microP2 to existing P2 card users by adapting the SD form factor of the microP2 card into the PCMCIA form factor of the P2 card for use in current P2 hardware including the AG-HPX250EJ and AG-HPX255EJ.


Panasonic microP2 solid-state memory cards ensure high-speed transfer, high reliability and the writing assurance of all P2 frame rates, formats and codecs. The microP2 card’s UHS-II interface facilitates transfer speeds of 2.0 Gpbs (1.7 times faster than standard P2 media) and the card features ultimate reliability with Proof 7 strength (resistance to water/dust, static electricity, bending and twisting, magnet, X-ray, wide temperature range and safety built-in-fuse); a flash memory error correction system, equivalent to a RAID system, to greatly strengthen data retention reliability; a Lifetime Counter than gives a notification when the card approaches the end of its life cycle; 100% screened flash memory; a Content Protection System (CPS) that password-protects the card; and a QR code for scanning and identification.

microP2 cards ensure professional users to benefit from a fast, easy and flexible file-based workflow with reduced cost and exceptional reliability, especially in challenging conditions of extreme temperature range, shock, and vibration.

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