AC-ET Impresses Naked Eye with Green Hippo


A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd’s Video division has supplied leading UK based lighting and visual designer, Max Conwell of Naked Eye Lighting Ltd with a Green Hippo HippoCritter and a TV One down-convertor - to help service his busy schedule of TV shows, events and world tours including Paul Weller and Morrissey.

Max is renowned for his innovative approach to making spaces and environments look and feel great with the use of lighting and video.

The scope of Naked Eye’s work encompasses all genres of visual design - from high profile rock ‘n’ roll world tours, to major events and architectural concepts. Max also programs video and moving lights for a variety of high profile TV and game shows.

He has been using media servers for some time, and was an early adopter of the innovative technologies and mindsets fuelling the ‘convergence’ between video and lighting.

He chose Green Hippo for several reasons, with excellent customer support being at the top of the list. AC-ET, who are Green Hippo’s exclusive UK distributor, offer 24 hour technical support with sales, as well as help and guidance for software configuration and any other queries.


Max also likes the fact that Green Hippo products are constantly evolving and improving. Apart from that, he explains, “Quite simply, Green Hippo (and TV One) equipment has worked straight out of the box and has been very reliable ever since.”

The Hippotizer’s many features allow him to be fully flexible and inventive with his designs. He particularly likes the Frame Blending and the Hue / Saturation control, which is great for balancing screen colours for television.

He also does a lot of pixel-mapping on the HippoCritter and has started to get into timeline programming, which has “opened up a whole world of possibilities.”

“Hipponet is great” he enthuses, explaining that he’s constantly networking different machines for backup and media transfer.

On the most recent Morrissey tour, Max used the HippoCritter to playback video content for the pre-show movie, which ran for 25 minutes. The HippoCritter was also used for projecting a PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) video onto the stage’s backdrop during the famous The Smiths’ song, “Meat is Murder.”


Max explains how the A.C. Video division’s service and support has been “Invaluable in making the transition from being a freelancer, to owning and running a specialist visuals company. No matter how much or how little I am spending, I’m always made to feel like I’m their most important customer!”

A.C. Video’s Alistair Smyth comments, “Green Hippo are a forward thinking company, they continue to develop their products with designers like Max in mind - introducing new features and components that enable designers and programmers to be as creative as possible.”


After great experiences with both the Green Hippo and TV One gear, Naked Eye have already made plans to invest in a Green Hippo GrassHopper and another TV One down-converter in the near future.