ABC Production SA Selects AXON to Supply Glue for HD OBVan

ABC Production SA is a leading supplier of television program production services and specializes in live sports

Netherlands-based AV conversion, processing and compliance recording specialist, AXON Digital Design, has been selected by ABC Productions in Greece to provide Synapse modular processing equipment for their new 10-camera HD OB van. ABC’s OB vehicle fleet standardizes on AXON’s Synapse modular equipment, which is supplied through AXON’s Greek dealer PTS.

ABC Production SA is a leading supplier of television program production services and specializes in the live sports outside broadcast in Greece. The company provides a big range of technological equipment for rental, including OB Vans with or without personnel, stand alone cameras, state of the art Audio and Video production units and experienced personnel that can meet any customer’s production needs. Its customer list includes many of Greece’s leading TV channels  ( ERT ,NOVA, OTE, MEGA CHANNEL, ANTENNA TV etc  ) as well as leading international production companies such as  SPORTFIVE , TWI , Canal+ , MEDIAPRO and  TF1.

A single HXT10 card is capable of switching between two inputs, synchronizing the video to external reference (with separate timing adjustments for HD and SD) and simultaneously providing two HDSDI, two SDI and two Composite outputs. The SDI and Composite outputs possess color correction to accommodate the conversation to CCIR601 and also a fully featured ARC.


The HXT10 has four, independently controllable, group based audio embedders on both the HD and SD processing paths. The HXT10 is a MasterCard and by installing cards in slots to the right of it (N+1 etc.) in a Synapse frame, a wide range of audio processing functionality can be added without the need for any cables to be installed. By adding a Synapse DBE08 (Dolby (c) E Encoder) card Dolby-E encoding of various audio groupings can be added without increasing the number of cards within the system.

“Synapse is the preferred glue for the OB van market,” commented Harry Kanters, Director of Sales & Marketing at AXON.  “With the nine OB vans at ANO, one for Siberia and these vehicles for ABC currently on our order book we have the proof.”