4K Leads the Way at BVE 2013

AJA, Canon and RedShark share their 4K expertise

2013 is the year of 4K, with many of the major global broadcasters testing the format for mainstream broadcast. BVE is therefore delighted to be able to be in partnership with AJA, Canon and RedShark to bring visitors a dedicated theatre set up with the highest quality projection equipment and present the latest content being delivered in 4K. The theatre will also introduce debates on what 4K means for the wider industry, discussing the latest camera technology and workflows while looking at how to integrate these new technologies into current working practices.

AJA’s Andy Bellamy presents sessions on practical 4K and UltraHD workflows from acquisition to post. AJA Video Systems has been at the forefront of 4K workflows from the company's earliest engagements in DCI and 4K theatrical presentation. With the advent of 4K acquisition for a larger user base with cameras like the Canon C500 and Sony F55, AJA's Ki Pro Quad digital recorder not only supports RAW workflow capabilities across Thunderbolt but also provides realtime debayering to storage efficient Apple ProRes files for immediate editing use following capture. In addition the Ki Pro Quad supports 444 baseband 4K, UltraHD and HD-SDI workflows.

Canon has invited industry experts Geoff Boyle and Philip Bloom to discuss, demonstrate and debate 4K workflows using Canon C500 and EOS 1DC cameras. Geoff Boyle will present sessions on why cinematographers should care about 4K and what producers will get from the format, while Philip charts his DSLR journey, explaining why he left them behind and why he has now returned to the fold.


RedShark, one of the fastest growing and most influential websites for the Moving Image Industry, covers a wide range of news, opinions and expertise that is centred around what people need to know. RedShark will present sessions on 4K cinematography; 4K workflows including post-production, editing and VFX; and what 4K means for the broadcast industry.

For those looking for 4K-related equipment, exhibitors such as Sony, Dynamic Drive Pool, Canon, AJA, For-A, GB Labs and JVC will also be showcasing their latest products and technologies for capturing and editing 4K content.


Full details of BVE’s seminar program can be found at www.bvexpo.com/3D4K and entry is free when you register to attend BVE.  Up-to-the-minute news about all aspects of the show can be found at www.bvexpo.com. Information is also available across social media on twitter.com/bvexpo, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Visitors can also download the BVE 2013 App at www.bvexpo.com/app