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3D Storm Distributes LiveXpert Tools For Live Production & Live Sport Production

LiveXpert™, member of NewTek developers Network, brings exclusive TriCaster Add-Ons to produce outstanding Live Production

3D Storm Distributor of LiveXpert worldwide, a complete range of tools developed to ease TriCaster production workflow. LiveXpert is a full line of products that cover a large scope of tasks involved in live production. LiveXpert gives producers the ability to produce more content without compromising on budget and quality, and offer all the keys to see the big picture, take
on more ambitious projects and make the difference in a competitive industry.

LiveXpert include add-ons for NewTek TriCaster, which can be used as remote applications, or as independent products, giving video switcher operators the freedom to focus on the production operations on TriCaster.

LiveXpert enhance live production workflow, speed up production time, reduce costs, increase revenues opportunities and widen the audience with instant high quality media content to enjoy a full live experience.

Scoring & Graphics Management For Football Live Productions

LiveCG Football, the professional graphics management application for NewTek TriCaster, provides complete management of football live productions: scoring, timing, statistics, database (players' names, referees, teams, countries….). LiveCG Football runs from a remote computer connected to the network input of a TriCaster.


The graphics, generated with LiveCG Football among the database of templates available within the application, or created with own custom branded details, give producers the ability to use high quality graphics for scores and statistics display, and also insert advertising and sponsors visuals. With LiveCG Football, sports producers can enhance the viewers experience while increasing their revenue.

Give the audience all the information they need to live their dream. Enhance sponsors and advertisers visibility. Create a complete library of information to keep sports fans engaged and speed up production
time for recurring games.

LiveCG Football Features:
• Scoreboard: Easy and user-friendly score management and display
• Timers: Display Time information, half-time, stoppage time, over time…
• Statistics: Create statistics about teams and players actions, penalties, goals. Compare ball possession and faults during the action.
• Embedding Logo: Add embedded logos of the TV network, the sponsors and any party involved in your show.
• Database: Fill in information and pictures of football teams, players, referees, visual identities, presenters, soccer fields, divisions, and countries, all with pictures. Complete control of all the tables.
• Template Editor: Template editor to combine graphics in real-time in various formats, such as Png, Bmp, Gif, Tga, Jpg, animated sequences, etc… Support for all video resolutions, HD, PAL, NTSC, 16/9, 4/3...
• Multi Layer: Multiple independent layers and linked graphics.
• Custom Design: Own custom design according to branding needs or creativity desires. Effects in / out: Effects for graphics and text display.
• Advertising: Specific and easy management for advertising and sponsors visibility.
• Tickers: Display news, warnings or last minute information.


TriCaster Audio Mixer Remote Control

LiveMixer is a versatile application that provides a complete remote control over the audio mixer of all TriCaster HD models.
LiveMixer can be used as an add-on for TriCaster, remotely on an external computer connected to the TriCaster through the local network, or associated to a physical audio control panel.

LiveMixer offers an efficient remote control of the TriCaster audio mixer from a physical console or a computer. With a dedicated sound operator using LiveMixer, the TriCaster operator can focus on the live production. LiveMixer is easy to install and easy to use, it comes with factory presets and can be customized to suit your needs. LiveMixer supports the very affordable Berhinger BCF2000 and the professional Yamaha 01V96i audio consoles.

LiveMixer Features
• VU-Meters in real time
• Presets for different TriCaster models or custom presets.
• Behringer BCF-2000 and Yamaha 01V96i support
• Save your preset to a file and share it
• Bidirectional, Changes will be reflected on the controller and TriCaster
• Compatible with launchpad-S
• Macros compatible with all TriCaster HD models
• With remote Control console, control all TriCaster audio lines (up to 32 lines with a single control surface).


Graphics & Logo Generator for NewTek TriCaster

LiveCG Broadcast is an innovative solution to generate high quality logo and automatically manage titles and graphics during live production. Built in a 1U rack, the powerful system is a unique add-on for TriCaster, connected to the production system through iVGA.

LiveCG Broadcast Features:
• Static and animated graphics and logos
• Dynamic text, clock, date, crawl, ticker and roll
• TGA, BMP, PNG, TIF, JPG, GIF sequences and FLASH animations
• Effects: shadow, blur, motion blur, smooth edge
• Smooth Transition: fade, move, zoom
• Page composer with multiple layers
• 32 bit images processing with alpha and transparencies
• Preview channel over VGA and video, depending on configuration
• GPI on TCP/IP (Optional RS-232)


About 3DStorm & NewTek
3D Storm, distributor of NewTek products in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Turkey, Russia and Pakistan since 1999, is a leading player in the convergence of IT & the Broadcast industries. 3D Storm professional team delivers bespoke solutions through a network of Specialist and Authorized Dealers providing customers with an exclusive access to the newest and most innovative solutions on the
market, such as TriCaster and 3Play.
3D Storm offers cost-effective solutions for anyone to bring their vision into real live television production.
3D Storm clients such as BBC, Sky, Mediaset, RAI, Radio RAI, CNBC, Azzura TV, Telenova, TF1, France Televisions, BFM TV, RTL, WDR, MDR, RTBF, MBC Dubai, SBC Seychelles, TV4, Borsen TV, Kanal Sport Denmark, Super Sport South Africa, TVGA (TV de Galicia), TV3, Banco Santander, Real Madrid F.C, Arsenal Media, Paris Parc des Princes Stadium, Copenhagen Parken Stadium, City of Paris, European Parliament, Metropole Orchestra NL, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, King Abdullah University Saudi Arabia... deliver daily live and streaming productions with NewTek products.