30 Years of TVN Film & TV Production

Delighted/Glad about 30 years of success with TVN: Madsack Chairman Thomas Düffert and TVN GROUP Chairman Frank Hähnel (r.)

This year, the TVN GROUP celebrates its 30thanniversary. With the introduction of the dual broadcasting system inGermany, the company was founded by the Verlagsgesellschaft Madsack inHannover.

Developing innovative solutions for film, TV and internet, TVN Film & TV Production has been existing for 30 years now. One of the company`s special „trademarks“ are several huge, eyecatching OB vans cruising all over Europe in order to broadcast sports, show, as well as concert events for TV and Web.

Technical services for film production and TV were the main corporate objective at the time of establishment in 1984 by the Verlagsgesellschaft Madsack. Meanwhile the group incorporates seven companies offering complementary media services forfilm production, TV and web, thus covering the whole production process from concept to publication.


„TVN started with technical services and two ENG crews, before we modified the first small Mercedes transporter for Outside Broadcasting“, Frank Hähnel, TVN general manager since 1992, recollects the situation after 1984. „Expansion took place step by step with diversifying the fields of operation, including editorial know-how and consulting competences. Today, we also develop TV programs and comprehensive/complete advertising campaigns, providing specialized staff at ten subsidiaries.“


Corresponding to the multimedia development, TVN has always been diversifying and specializing. The outside broadcasting fleet, designed by TVN engineers, has grown to four 40t double trucks, two satellite units plus several mobile flight case solutions. Offering full service, TVN employees analyze development as well as coordinate media projects, subsequently implementing their concepts.

This also applies to the TVN GROUP´s public appearance, which was revised completely in house. With the 30th anniversary the group´s agency for communication TVN CORPORATE MEDIA developed a unified brand design for business documents, the website and for social media platforms.


TVN has subsidiaries in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Hannover, Kiel, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and St. Veit, Austria. The GROUP consists of seven companies, covering the business divisions Corporate Communications, TV Formats, Film Production, Distribution, Broadcasting, Outside Broadcasting, and Media Personnel Qualification.