1000 XDCAM units

The choice of Sony technology: New RAI order for XDCAM Series equipment

Sony Professional Solutions Europe has signed an important agreement with RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana — Italy's national public broadcasting company) for the further supply of over 300 pieces of equipment from the XDCAM line, which includes: shoulder-mount camcorders — PDW-680 Series, studio decks — PDW-HD1200 Series, editing drives — PDW-U2 Series and XDCAM stations — XDS-PD1000/2000 Series. With this latest acquisition, RAI now has over 1000 units of XDCAM equipment with disc technology.

In 2008, RAI made an important choice: to migrate to High Definition and a "file-based" infrastructure, taking significant steps towards digitalisation and investing in a workflow based on an XDCAM HD 422 to 50 Mb tape solution. The XDCAM solution represents a genuine "value-added product" that meets RAI's need for a platform capable of managing the transition between removable media and the "tapeless" goal, linked to the accessibility of content files.

Thanks to this investment, RAI studios and production centres will be aligned to the standard file format, defined as XDCAM HD422, which offers great flexibility, ensuring high-quality images. RAI was the first international broadcaster to select the XDCAM HD format for the migration of its television production infrastructure.


"The XDCAM format is now the most widespread production system for broadcasting with more than 400,000 units across the world. It is also still synonymous with quality, flexibility and reliability. RAI's choice was in line with over 250 leading broadcasters worldwide, who have chosen this platform for their applications", said Benito Mari, Country Sales Manager, Media Solutions, Sony Professional Europe.