wTVision Empowers Regional Channels on Autonomic Elections

Graphics in full screen, tickers and augmented reality functionalities

wTVision provided graphics solutions to 4 regional channels, in Spain, for the May 22 electoral night. TV Galicia, Barcelona TV and Televisión del Principado de Asturias presented their viewers special elections programs, during more than 4 hours, with a broad range of interactive graphics in full screen, tickers and augmented reality functionalities, which came into fruition through a partnership between these broadcasters and the Portuguese software-house, besides the full integration with the official sources which feed the system with real-time results, something that all projects had in common. For 8TV, wTVision developed a more economic solution to display results during the electoral program.

TV Galicia had a 100% interactive production, presenting a graphical apparatus that included a giant plasma touch screen, which gave one of the show’s hosts the ability to choose, on the screen itself, the graphics that were played, and an interface with 4 DVE’s where she communicated with several journalists located on the political parties’ headquarters.

There was another plasma touch screen that allowed the other host to opt, through an operations menu, what graphics were presented on a projector. This transmission was enriched with several graphics (projections, results, comparisons with previous elections, pictures of the candidates) that, after previous selection from the hosts, were played in full screen. All this was supported by two tickers that provided electoral data while the show’s guests made their political comments. Besides these studio solutions, the company created a dedicated website with the same design as the electoral program, where the electoral results were displayed in real-time. The graphics platforms used in this project were VIZRT and Orad’s DVG.

TVG technicians commented on the project: “wTVision worked very intensely on this project, solving all the challenges that appeared along the way and giving response to all TV Galicia’s needs”.


Barcelona TV chose an augmented reality solution, enriched with an image tracking system . This production gave more freedom to the cameras, while the journalist explained the graphics virtually projected on the studio. BTV also presented results, in video format, projected in several municipal buildings in Barcelona. These videos were pre-recorded and ingested on the graphical platform, simulating a virtual camera with the graphics inserted on the videos. The broadcast was supported by two paged tickers (a lower one and a lateral one), graphics tables in full screen and a video wall. The graphics plataforms used in this solution were Ross Video xPression and Orad’s DVG.

Televisión del Principado de Asturias opted for wide array of graphics to display the autonomic results and the detailed statistics of all 78 municipalities. The graphics with more graphical impact were the ones using augmented reality with to fixed cameras. TPA also added two tickers, full screen graphics and a video wall. The graphics platforms used in this project were VIZRT and Orad’s DVG.

8TV chose a more modest but visually appealing solution. During their broadcast several graphics were displayed in full screen, from the polls to the detailed results of each different city.

All the projects had the wTVision’s Elections CG product as the software platform, a highly customizable program that handles all the prime functions required by a special electoral TV program.


wTVision already provided more than 40 special electoral programs, integrating and developing information graphics state-of-the-art technologies, for 8 TV channels, in Portugal, Spain and Ukraine.

The company’s solutions are divided in 5 main areas: Sports, Elections, Playout Automation Systems, Studio Programs and Entertainment.