Camera Corps Q-Ball Cameras Triumph in Danish Parliamentary Election

Camera Corps Q-Ball in the black finish chosen for coverage of the 2011 Danish parliamentary election

Camera Corps Q-Ball robotic cameras captured the arrival of Denmark’s parliamentary election winner to address jubilant supporters at Copenhagen’s Vega theatre on the evening of Thursday 15 September.

Q-Ball cameras located above the main door canopy and in the entrance hall provided live feeds of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the country’s new prime minister, as she arrived and ascended the stairway to the theatre auditorium.

“The Q-Ball systems were provided by Copenhagen-based equipment rental company Best Broadcast,” explains Camera Corps support engineer David Sisson who attended the event. “Each camera was operated via our normal joystick and remote CCU panel, allowing the various dignitaries to be tracked as they approached the theatre and made their way through the entrance hall.


“Every Q-Ball incorporates a high-precision pan and tilt drive system. The controllers permit very precise acceleration and deceleration so we were able to deliver very smooth follow-shots of each arrival. The video feeds were transmitted by Danish public-service broadcaster TV 2. Rain is always a concern when placing cameras outdoors, particularly in the coastal areas of northern Europe. The Q-Ball is resistant to high humidity as well as rain.”

Available in standard and presettable versions, Q-Ball has proved its resilience covering a wide range of outdoor events such as field sports, reality television shows and even a round-the-world reconstruction of Charles Darwin's voyage on HMS Beagle. It has also been used for major stage events such as the 2010 and 2011 BBC Proms as well as in studio productions where efficient remote control is required.


Designed and manufactured by Camera Corps, Q-Ball is an ultra-compact remotely controlled HD/SD camera with integral 10x zoom optical lens and smooth-accelerating pan/tilt motors in a sturdy 115 mm diameter fully-weatherproof aluminium sphere. It is fully compatible with all existing Camera Corps robotic control systems and CCU panels. Four SDI-embedded audio channels are available to accommodate stereo microphones. Up to 96 Q-Ball cameras can be operated under full remote control from a single Camera Corps Multi Camera Keypad.