W-DMX™ at the 58th Barretos Cowboy Festival in Brazil


Wireless Solution Sweden AB held center stage at the 58th Barretos Cowboy Festival (Festa do Peão de Boiadeiro de Barretos), one of the largest rodeo and music events in Brazil, held at the Super Bull arena in the city of Barretos. For ten nights, rodeo activities were followed by a long lineup of popular music acts, often lasting until dawn.

Lighting designer Francisco “Pincel” Gabriel designed an enormous cube suspended over the main arena floor for maximum visibility by the entire crowd without interfering with the rodeo activities or blocking any sightlines to the main stage for the evening concerts. The cube held LED screens accentuated with Robe moving lights to allow spectators to view the rodeo events up close.

Because of the location of the cube, high above the center of the arena floor, W-DMX BlackBox F-1 was used as Transmitter and Receiver to deliver a reliable DMX signal to the moving lights for the duration of the event.

The W-DMX and lighting equipment was supplied by Apple Produções. Technical consultation was supplied by Daniel Ridano, owner of Lighting Bits, South American W-DMX distributor based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


“It worked flawless as usual, said Ridano of W-DMX, “This was definitely something we could not have achieved otherwise. The weather was hot, the crowds were huge and the schedule was tight. There wasn’t time for error and I knew we could trust W-DMX.”


“Daniel has consulted on the use of W-DMX on some of the most impressive events in South America including Natal Luz, Machu Picchu and the Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree,” said Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution. “We were very impressed to see the creative use of W-DMX for this prestigious rodeo.”

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