Salzbrenner at the Salzburg Festival

Polaris Touch console sets the sound stage for the new production of ‘Don Juan kommt aus dem Krieg’

The soundscape imagined by director Andreas Kriegenburg for the new production of “Don Juan kommt aus dem Krieg” at the Salzburg Festival (18 July through 31 August 2014) required top-notch equipment and talented engineers. Managing the high number of cues and microphone signals was only possible thanks to the decision of Salzburg Festival’s technical director, Andreas Zechner, to use a Salzbrenner Polaris Touch mixing console consisting of three modules. Renowned for their reliability, product quality and scalability, this German-made solution was deemed indispensable for the sound effects and other audio props requested by the director.

The production relied on several sound layers—incidental music, street noises and voice effects—which required a solid technical background. For his new production of Ödön von Horváth’s “Don Juan kommt aus dem Krieg”, Andreas Kriegenburg decided to work with a continuous soundscape, with partial overlaps of several signals. Given the extremely short preparation time and the high number of signals that needed to be managed in real time, sound engineers/designers Martin Sraier-Krügemann and Wolfram Schild chose a Polaris Touch console from the German manufacturer Salzbrenner.


German-Austrian collaboration and production: Munich Kammerspiele’s sound designers/engineers come to the rescue in Salzburg
Despite a permanent technical staff of about 120, the Salzburg Festival hires over 700 freelancers during the months of July and August. For the “Don Juan kommt aus dem Krieg” production, the Festival’s technical director, Andreas Zechner, hired two sound engineers of the Munich Kammerspiele: Martin Sraier-Krügermann and Wolfram Schild.


By providing quick access to all parameters and functions, the Polaris system’s touch sensitivity greatly facilitates operations. Its seamless expansion capability and superior sound quality are deemed impressive by audio professionals. Sraier’s conclusion: “Thanks to its sound quality and operation philosophy, the Polaris Touch console proved to be the right decision. The director and the technical director were not the only ones to be impressed by the result.”

Polaris Touch setup for “Don Juan kommt aus dem Krieg” at the Salzburg Festival 2014:
One console comprising three modules:
        One 12-fader master module
        Two 16-fader modules
        Total: 44 channel strips
Two Polaris DSP frames (master and backup)
Integration into the existing NEXUS network over MADI


About the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup of companies:
Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup, a German group of companies, is one of Europe’s leading providers of professional audio technology. Headquartered in Buttenheim (Upper Franconia), the group has about 280 employees in five German facilities as well as nine distribution offices and subsidiaries worldwide.With its R &D, system integration and distribution arm for audio and video technology, its intercom technology and emergency alarm systems, the group covers a vast number of applications and areas.

Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup’s servicing, product distribution and other service activities are provided by wholly-owned subsidiaries in Berlin, Löffingen, Chemnitz, Rome, Vienna, Brussels, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Hong Kong and Atlanta.

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A new brand of the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup, Salzbrenner designs digital communication and audio technology. Products manufactured under the Salzbrenner brand include the Polaris Evolution and Polaris Touch mixing consoles, the Inspiration stage management desk and the Vivace acoustic processing system. All Salzbrenner products are designed and manufactured at the Buttenheim factory. Salzbrenner products are distributed by Salzbrenner Stagetec Audio Video Mediensysteme GmbH.