Panasonic to Broadcast Live the Annular Solar Eclipse from the Summit of Mt. Fuji


Panasonic has launched "ECLIPSE LIVE FROM FUJIYAMA by SOLAR POWER" and will broadcast the annular solar eclipse on May 20, 2012 (Pacific Standard Time/PST) live to the world from the summit of Mt. Fuji, an important symbol of nature in Japan, using only green power.

This project seeks to highlight to the world Panasonic's devotion to its "Energy Solution" business and the dynamic technologies and products behind it. All electricity required for devices used for broadcasting, such as video cameras, filming equipment, and computers, will be drawn from "HIT® Solar Cells," with *industry-leading power output, and be supplied through rechargeable batteries made by Panasonic.


On the day of the eclipse, Mt. Fuji will be ideally located within the "central eclipse path" that allows for optimum viewing, and the view is especially spectacular in the clear air of the mountain peak. However, the summit of Mt. Fuji in May is covered in snow with freezing temperatures, and there is no electricity available for daily activities. Therefore, the project staff will charge up portable power supplies for domestic use with power generated from the HIT® solar cells and carry them up the frozen face of the mountain.


Along with the staff's work to overcome such an inhospitable environment, the project will broadcast live the annular eclipse to the world from the closest point to the sun in Japan.

The project's progress will be documented on a special website and Facebook page to be launched on April 17 (April 18 JST) until May 20 (May 21 JST), the day of the annular solar eclipse. We plan to report on the filming equipment, introduce the staff members, and conduct trial tests in advance of the eclipse. We are looking forward to bring the mystical phenomenon of the annular eclipse to as wide a global audience as possible.