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MultiTouch and Riolab Deliver World's Largest High definition Display Wall at the EXPO 2010

Wall of Chile Enables Multiple Simultaneous Users to Access Thousands ofImages and More Than Six Hours of Video Content

MultiTouch, Ltd., developer of the world’s first modular multi-touch LCD screen for large-scale displays, and Riolab, a leading interactive display production firm, have collaborated on the largest multitouch display ever produced for a World’s Fair. The Wall of Chile (Muro de Chile) for the Chilean Pavilion at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China features a 4-meter-long (13’) and 1.2-meter-high (4’) display wall that enables visitors to access more than six hours of high-definition video and thousands of photographs from historical archives, including satellite, natural, and terrestrial images that detail Chile’s culture and character. The wall will appear at the Chilean Pavilion through October 31, 2010.

More than 400 authors and hundreds of public and private institutions directly contributed to the wall, which features a large map of Chile as the 16.5 Megapixel main interface, and then offers headshots of 36 people for access to further information. Images and text are uploaded to the Wall of Chile web site, at, appear in a grid at the bottom of the screen and are automatically updated every 24 hours. See the Wall of Chile video at

Wall of Chile


On May 1st, Chile’s Commissioner General, Hernan Somerville, led the ribbon-cutting ceremony that was activated by touching the map on the Wall of Chile.

Designed by Francisco Arevalo and his team in Santiago, Chile, with technical integration led by MultiTouch CTO Tommi Ilmonen, the Wall of Chile was developed over a four-month period. The MultiTouch Cell product, a 46-inch stackable LCD display, was programmed using the MultiTouch Cornerstone software, which enables dynamic integration of applications.

“The vision of a global interactive experience shared by thousands of people, with information dynamically updated, is what the MultiTouch system was developed to nurture,” said Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch Ltd. “Working with Riolab, we have implemented a global collaborative display that is the first true massive real-time multitouch installation of its kind for the Wall of Chile presentation.”

MultiTouch’s patented computer vision system is complemented by software that elegantly translates touch into the programming experience. MultiTouch presented the first native Windows 7 multitouch applications for its MultiTouch Cell displays at CES 2010, and the new release of its Cornerstone software supports a wide array of programming languages and development environments and protocols, including C++/OpenGL; Adobe Flash/Flex/Air; .NET; Microsoft Visual Studio; Silverlight, TUIO and XML stream, among others.

”The value of multitouch displays enhances not only the creative impulses of our producers, but the overall experiential level of users, and our work with MultiTouch has greatly elevated the public display aspect of our mission to deliver a heightened sense of touch realism for the Chilean pavilion at the Shanghai Expo,” said Francisco Arevalo, CEO of Riolab. “Our team at Riolab was afforded the ideal technical partner in MultiTouch, which expertly complemented our vision for a deep archival framework that could be brought to the surface with a sustainable, tactile platform.”

The MultiTouch Cell displays enable multiple users to manipulate images on the displays - whether playing games, resizing maps, pictures, or videos – by tracking the actual fingers and hands, for richer interaction. The modular MultiTouch displays can be configured as stand-alone 32-inch or 46-inch units, or can be stacked for large-scale commercial/industrial displays. The company’s patented high-performance system tracks an unlimited number of hands on the screens at 120 frames per second, in bright daylight and dark environments. The MultiTouch Cell is a modular and stackable LCD cell with built-in multiuser and multitouch capabilities with full HD 1920x1080 pixel resolution per display.

MultiTouch will demonstrate its MultiTouch Cell product at the Infocomm 2010 convention in Las Vegas, from Wednesday, June 9 through June 11 in Booth #N402 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


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