EVS’ News Production Package Xedio Flash Powers Up TV Festival de Cannes

For the workflow of TV Festival de Cannes, the news production package will be combined with an XT2 server

Introduced for the first time at the NAB last month, EVS’ integrated production package Xedio Flash has been selected by KM productions to cover the prestigious film festival on its dedicated channel TV Festival de Cannes, from May 11th to May 22nd.

KM, the production company behind TV Festival de Cannes and the official channel of the film festival, is in charge of covering the entire event. Besides broadcasting opening and closing ceremonies, the production team is responsible for shooting and producing press conferences, celebrity interviews, as well as the famed red carpet walk. In addition to the 24-hour program feed of the TV Festival de Cannes, KM is providing all key sequences to worldwide broadcast and media communities.

At the NAB show in Las Vegas last April, EVS introduced Xedio Flash, an all-in-one news production package offering a real plug and play toolkit for multiple fast turnaround production operations. Easy to carry, the new system is designed to offer a complete newsroom setup available in single package while guaranteeing the industry’s highest level of speed and hassle-free integration with third-party systems based on EVS’ genuine production technology and advanced API solutions.


Olivier Lafaille, Technical Director of KM notes: “When I first saw this Xedio Flash at NAB, I immediately understood that it was the perfect tool to meet our requirements to have a system that is easy to set up, simple to use and fully open allowing us to exchange recorded media with our post-production infrastructure.  As it is based on EVS’ live technology, we are convinced that what is recorded is always immediately available for recall and on-air operations.”

For the workflow of TV Festival de Cannes, the news production package will be combined with an XT2 server, controlled by IPDirector for the 24/7 on-air channel playout. All feeds and material recorded on Xedio Flash’s one of two ingest channels, will be immediately available in central storage. The production will use five Xedio browsing stations to manage previews and rough cut editing operations before clips are transferred to one of several Avid stations for final editing. All recorded media is wrapped in an Avid-compatible format to facilitate the media exchange process.  

Robert Bury, Xedio Business Unit Manager at EVS comments: “We are extremely proud to be able to deploy our first Xedio Flash kit for the production of such a prestigious event.  With the introduction of Xedio Flash, our goal is to meet the requirements of numerous newsrooms or productions seeking simple and flexible ways to speed up and secure production operations in a full tapeless environment.”  Bury continues to say that “Xedio Flash combines the best of broadcast and IT technology into a single rack; including ingest, production, editing, storage and playout.”