Zero Creative 3D Solutions in Chennai, India

The official launch event took place Friday the 25th of November at Hotel Green Park in Chennai

Cutting edge 3D company Zero Creative BV (The Netherlands) and Nirmitha Technology Solutions India, proudly announce their new Joint Venture: Zero Creative 3D Solutions Pvt Ltd. The new office in Chennai is located at Taylors Road, Kilpauk, Chennai.

Both Directors, Sankar Venkatraman, Managing Director Nirmitha Group and Jean-Pierre van Maasakker, CEO Zero Creative Netherlands, are confident about the future of 3D services for the ever expanding Indian market.

"The official launch event took place Friday the 25th of November at Hotel Green Park in Chennai. We invited everyone interested in innovative 3D solutions to all spheres of business to come over and celebrate with us", said Sankar Venkatraman. "During the opening we demonstrated exciting glasses-free 3D marketing solutions and even touch-less interaction. Besides we organized a networking diner", said Jean-Pierre van Maasakker.


"We believe the future of digital signage is both 3D and interactive", continues van Maasakker. Zero Creative 3D Solutions India will showcase its naked-eye xyZ 3D Displays and clear 3D animation movies for promotion or support. Realistic 3D virtual reality has its applications in almost every industry. The need for glass-free 3D content is fast catching up with advertisers, educational institutions, corporate and medical facilities to name a few. The novel concept combined with the high retention feature of any 3D content will pave way for lots of opportunities. Interactive 3D, an extension of 3D technology wherein the viewer chooses what to see, enhances the experience level for many. Several companies and museums across the world have implemented this unique technology and have benefitted significantly.

The main objective of Zero Creative is to extremely increase attention for its customers and their offerings. In the past 6 years, this has been done for companies in over 40 countries.


Zero Creative is a leading pioneer in the field of 'value added 3D'. The original Netherlands based company operates worldwide with a team of over 100 people to deliver products and services to its clients. The goal is always to generate added value by using 3D technology. Zero Creative helps organizations to increase their (product) value and/or save costs by adding attention and clarity. This is achieved by using its extended portfolio of high quality 3D products and services. The company is proud to have its own offices in Europe, South America and now also in India.