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WIGE Media AG produces live 3D in cinema quality

ʻLang Lang: The Third Dimensionʼ

• WIGE as technical service provider for extensive 3D production of a Lang Lang concert
• For the optimum 3D result, the combination of innovative technology and a specially trained stereoscopic team is a must
• WIGE technology allows for flexible real-time 3D shootings

World premiere within the scope of the ʻInternationale Funkausstellungʼ (3rd to 8th September, 2010): in Berlin, the innovative 3D movie of the international piano star Lang was presented to the public for the first time. In the new film, ʻLang Lang: The Third Dimensionʼ, the globally well-known and popular artist interprets works of Beethoven, Prokofiev, Chopin and Albéniz on the grand piano. The film location for this unique music experience was Berlinʼs cult club ʻBerghainʼ. In the production of Context TV and EuroArts Music International in cooperation with Sony Music Classic, the stereoscopic supervisor of Cologne based WIGE Media AG controlled the additional cameras for the 40-minute movie. “To realise the perfect 3D experience for the audience, placing two cameras next to one another just isnʼt enough, today,” reveals Tobias Vees, WIGE Media AGʼs Chief Representative Technology and Development. “The production process is far more complex and requires the appropriate technical know-how. WIGE Media AG has demonstrated that itʼs able to produce 3D pictures in cinema quality. After all, WIGE already has accompanied a movie shooting of director star Peter Jackson. Live 3D, however, is even more demanding. If unexpected things happen in front of the camera, flexible real-time reactions are required.”

WIGE mini HD camera CUNIMA MCU[2] Studio Berlinʼs HD-Ü1 deployed

Those who hadnʼt the chance of seeing the 3D movie during the IFA in Berlin just have to wait for some more days: on 17th September, the 40-minute film ʻLang Lang: The Third Dimensionʼ will be available on the Blu-ray ʻLang Lang: Live in Viennaʼ. For the production of the classic 3D experience were deployed – inter alia – 3D rigs of Stereotec and technology of 3ality as well as the new, revolutionary WIGE mini HD camera CUNIMA MCU[2]. The CUNIMA MCU[2] delivers pictures on the highest technical level at unmatched compactness (weight 182g, dimensions 33.5 x 38 x 111.5 mm). So, the camera provides ideal preconditions for the use for stereoscopic video shootings. For the processing of the signals during the 3D concert production in Berlin, Studio Berlinʼs fully digital OB-truck HD-Ü1 was available. The high-end flagship is equipped with one of the biggest audio panels ever fitted in a car and is – equipped with trend-setting technologies and up to 24 cameras – one of the biggest and most sophisticated HDTV OB-trucks worldwide.