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Training : the opportunity to produce a SD3 film from conception to finishing !

S3D Campus offers exceptional 3D trainings thanks to the support of the MEDIA programme subsidized by the European Union

Few weeks ago, S3D Campus attended to 15 international participants as part of the training S3D PRODUCTION IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. The training was supervised by a team of renowned professionals, among them Eric Deren, the stereographer of the S3D blockbuster The Amazing Spiderman (to be released in July 2012) or also Bernard Mendiburu, author of the reference work 3D Movie Making.

The next training offered by S3D Campus, DIRECTING A FILM IN S3D, is unique. It gives the opportunity to produce a short film within 10 days. Thus, the trainees will be able to experience production, direction of 3D sequences, shooting, editing all being supervised by stereographers, S3D experts, manufacturing partners and technical service providers.

The training, that will take place from October 3rd to October 14th targets experienced professionals of the audiovisual field. At the end of the training, participants will have the opportunity to consult the S3D experts and the stereographers involved as trainers in order to confirm the legitimacy and the feasibility of their personal projects.


The S3D CAMPUS training « Workshop : DIRECTING A FILM IN S3D » takes place during 10 days, from the 3rd to the 14th of October 2011 in Paris aea. The pre production, filming and editing stages will be located at TSF, the leading service provider for TV and Cinema renting settled in La Plaine Saint-Denis. The finishing of the films, calibration and mastering will be made at Digimage Cinéma in Montrouge.

Cost of the training : 2500 euros, educational fees and food included.

S3D Campus

S3D Campus is a training course offered by Avance Rapide Communication in synergy with Dimension 3 Forum and with the support of the European Media Programme. S3D Campus develops training activities related to 3D images. The training courses are made for experienced professionals (directors, producers, cinematographers) that want to develop their skills and a professional network in the field of 3D images.