Thales Angénieux 3D Lens Package Field Tested for Success

Optimo Lens Package Building Solid Reputation

Telling a story in 3D format is becoming increasingly popular in the industry and Thales Angénieux is helping cinematographers take that step with their Optimo 3D Ready Lens Package. Featured at the booth at this week’s NAB, the Optimo 3D package consists of optically matched 16-42mm Optimo DP and/or 30-80mm Optimo DP lenses, with accessories, in a customized carrying case.

“More and more, directors and DPs are discussing the option of shooting a film in 3D either as a first run or as a re-release in 3D,” said Dominique Rouchon, International Sales Director, Thales Angénieux. “The Optimo 3D Ready Package can help make the technical decision easier and faster because it provides a field tested solution for lensing a 3D project.”

To date, the Optimo 3D Ready Lens Package has been used on the following films:
• My Bloody Valentine, 2009 (Director: Patrick Lussier; Director of Photography: Brian Pearson)

• Tron Legacy, 2010 (US) / 2011 (France) (Director: Joseph Kosinski; Director of Photography: Claudio Miranda)

• Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, 2011 (Director: Rob Marshall; Director of Photography: Dariusz Wolski )


• The Mortician, 2012 (Director: Gareth Maxwell Roberts; Director of Photography: Michael McDonough)

• Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, 2011 (China) / 2012 (Berlin Film Festival) (Director: Tsui Hark; Director of Photography: Sung Fai Choi)

• Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, 2012 (Director: Brad Peyton; Director of Photography: David Tattersall)


The Optimo 3D Ready Lens Package includes Optimo DP lenses that are calibrated and factory optimized with features like easily adjustable tracking, harmonized focus marks between the two lenses, and like optical qualities to help acquire significantly improved 3D picture quality. 3D productions further benefit from flexibility of a compact, lightweight zoom lens and its ability to instantly and precisely change focal length without the need to dismantle a rig for frequent lens changes.

About Thales Angenieux
Thales Angenieux, a subsidiary of French Thales group, offers a full complement of high precision lenses for a wide range of broadcast and video production applications, including: Optimo Series Lenses for the most demanding HDTV and 35mm production applications; High Definition (HD) Series cine-style, wide angle and studio lenses; High Resolution (HR) Series wide angle and all-purpose ENG lenses including economically priced HD-e series; Studio and Sports/Outside Broadcast (OB) lenses. Angenieux has achieved worldwide acclaim for its ability to design and manufacture zoom lenses for film and television, surveillance and security applications, and for its outstanding range of night vision goggles. The company is also a pioneer in 3D imaging and a major player in the development of this technology.