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Telecast Fiber Systems Announces CopperHead™ 3400 for Advanced 3D Productions

The CopperHead 3400 is rig and camera agnostic

Telecast Fiber Systems today introduced the CopperHead™ 3400, an innovative new fiber optic video transceiver specifically designed for high-end 3D cinema production. The CopperHead 3400 is the first product of its kind to mount directly onto a dual-camera 3D rig, allowing producers to harness the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of tactical fiber for transporting high-quality stereoscopic HD signals over long distances.

Newest Member of CopperHead™ Family Harnesses Lightweight Fiber for 3D Signal Transport as Well as Control of HD Cameras and 3D Rigs

The CopperHead 3400 transports all of the signals to and from two HD cameras, as well as the 3D rig's control system to the control room or truck, and also carries a return 3D HD/SDI signal back to the camera operator. The system enables not only full control of both cameras from the base station but also enables the convergence operator to control the 3D rig's interocular convergence — all over a thin, lightweight fiber optic cable. The CopperHead 3400 is equally at home on cameras at live 3D sporting events and scripted 3D film and television productions.

In addition, the CopperHead 3400 is increasingly being deployed for use with the latest generation of high-speed cameras, which have the same signal transport requirements as 3D rigs — making it possible to use fiber for such applications as super slow-motion playback for sporting events.

The CopperHead 3400 is rig and camera agnostic, and works with any rig using virtually any HD/SDI camera system, from compact "box" cameras to full-size camcorders and film-style cameras. It transports two uncompressed 1.5Gb/s HD/SDI streams from cameras that are currently available on the market, as well as uncompressed 3Gb/s signals from the 3D or high-speed HD/SDI cameras that will be on the market soon.


"An important trend for many types of 3D productions is the new generation of compact, high-quality HD cameras that can be attached to smaller-format 3D rigs, but most of the engineering for a 3D production takes place at the control station away from the camera. Until now, there was no easy way to connect the 3D camera to the engineering station or control room without having to use large bundles of heavy copper cable," said Jim Hurwitz, director of product management for Telecast Fiber Systems. "By supporting the full range of compact HD cameras and 3D rigs, the CopperHead 3400 provides a highly versatile and cost-effective solution. It's just the latest example of how our CopperHead family is solving a wide range of broadcasting and film production challenges, from newsgathering to 3D."

The systems are available directly from Telecast Fiber Systems or via a network of authorized CopperHead dealers. More information about Fiber Optic Applications in ENG and SNG is available by downloading the white paper at

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