sinaCAM HDC1-D

HDC1-D 2D/3D HD Color Camera

The sinaCAM HDC1-D is a ultra compact remote head camera. It features a 2004×1144 2⁄3″ CCD-Sensor capable of up to 60 FPS progressive scan and features a true global shutter. It has a high Sensitivity of 10 Lux/F2.2 The camera head connects to the recorder via single 75Ω BNC cable at distances up to 200m. It features a C-Mount as well as an optional B4-Mount Adapter.

sinaCAM 2D/3D HD Color Camera   

• High Light Sensitivity thanks to CCD Sensor Technology   

• No Motion Artifacts thanks to True Global Shutter   

• 13 F-Stops Dynamic Range thanks to 14 Bit Signal Processing   

• up to 60 Frames per Second at 1920×1080 Pixels (Progressive Scan)   

• Identical 3D Image Properties thanks to Single Processing Unit


Remote Head HDC1-100

Image Sensor       2/3" Single Chip Kodak CCD Sensor (RGB)
                                 2004x1144 Pixels, Progressive Scan

Sensitivity                 2000 Lux @ f 8.0 / 0dB Gain (100% video out)
                                  160 Lux @ f 2.2 / 0dB Gain (100% video out)
                                  10 Lux @ f 2.2 / 24dB Gain (100% video out)

Resolution                 1920x1080 Pixels

Signal/Noise Ratio       64dB @ 0dB Gain

Interface                    CoaxPress 75Ohm BNC Cable

Cable Length              180m* for 1080p / 60fps (Gepco VHD1100 Cable)

Lens Mount                 C-Mount with adjustable Focus

Lens Control                Auto/Manual Iris

Power Consumption      4,6 W max.


Base Unit HDC1-200

Digital Signal Processing       Single Chip DSP (dual 14-Bit)

White Balance Modes            PWB: Push to set White Balance
                                                   3200K, 4300K, 5600K, 6800K

Gain Modes                            AGC: Automatic Gain Control (2 F-Stops)
                                                   MGC: Manual Gain Control 0 - 12dB

Shutter Modes                        ASC: Automatic Shutter Control (4 F-Stops)
                                                   MSC: Manual Shutter Control 1/50s - 1/1000s

Remote Head Connections              Dual CoaxPress

Output Signals                         up to 2x HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) *
                                                    up to 2x HD-SDI Dual Link (SMPTE 372M) *
                                                    up to 2x 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M)*
                                                    up to 2x GigE *
                                                    up to 2x GigE Dual Link *
                                                    * Combinations for max. 4 Outputs possible
                                                    DVI (Digital Monitor Output)

HD-SDI Video Formats           YCbCr 4:2:2 / 10 bit
                                                    23.98, 24.00, 25.00, 29.97, 30.00, 59.94, 60.00 interlaced or progressive

External Sync                                  HD-SDI

Communication Ports             100MBit Ethernet
                                                     WLAN IEEE802.11a/b/g Dual Band 2.4/5GHz
                                                     USB 2.0 Memory Stick
                                                     RS485 (AUX)

User Interface                           W-LAN WEB interface
                                                     Custom Protocol over RS232 / 485

8-Pin Fisher Connector (AUX)             RS485, CCD Frame Trigger, Laser Marker Trigger

2-Pin Fisher Connector (POWER)        9 - 36V

Power Consumption                          34W max.