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RTL Group's M6 relies on Orad to bring stereo graphics to "Nouvelle Star"

"Nouvelle Star" - "Pop Idol"

For the first time in French television history M6 broadcasted in 3D, with the assistance of Orad's Stereographics solution. Thanks to Stereographics, M6 are able to render and display their graphics in real time for the most exciting French Pop Idol production ever.

Always ahead of its time, M6 broadcast their French Pop Idol production live in 3D. Since "Nouvelle Star" is produced in front of a live audience, it is critical that the operator be able to make ad hoc adjustments in real time. With Orad's Stereographics solution, M6 are able to update data, videos, and textures in real time, control the depth dimension of the graphics, and fully control stereo parameters such as interaxial (eye separator) and convergence.

Orad's Stereographics solution brings M6's French Pop Idol production to a whole other level. They even offered 250 lucky viewers the unique privilege of seeing the pre-premiere show in 3D while distributing via fiber for the home via Orange.

M6's Artistic Director, Michel Nougué commented: "Undoubtedly the most looked at elements in the 3D Nouvelle Star production are the graphics themselves, which we are able to render and display in real time, thanks to Orad. Only Orad could provide this unique capability in such an incredibly short period of time."

"Our unique Stereographics solution enables M6 to bring the excitement of 3D to their production, while simultaneously enabling them to increase efficiency. Any M6 operator can modify the stereo parameters in real time, negating the need to go back to the design stage": Avi Sharir, CEO and President of Orad Hi-Tec Systems

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