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Preco Wows BVE Visitors with Teranex 2D to 3D Conversion Demonstrations

Teranex VC100

Preco reports a positive and enthusiastic reaction to the Teranex VC1-2D-3D stereoscopic image generator which made its UK exhibition debut mid February at Broadcast Video Expo in London. Continuous demonstrations of the system were held throughout the show, led by Teranex General Manager Mike Poirier.

"Every visitor who came to the stand was wowed by the effectiveness of the demonstration, which included 3D renderings of the Apollo 13 mission as well as Hollywood film footage," comments Preco's Director of Engineering and Technology, James Thomas. "Their response to the VC1-2D-3D's capabilities were very encouraging, particularly from network managers considering the introduction of 3D services or already running them. Before long, every television receiver sold will be capable of displaying 3D. The VC1-2D-3D runs on the extremely powerful Teranex VC100 processing platform, programmed to generate real-time depth information from spatial and temporal clues derived from 2D video content. This allows it to deliver credible 3D without the visual distraction seen in less advanced systems. The VC1-2D-3D is ideal for networks who want to include monoscopic source material into their stereoscopic programmes during the transition between 2D and 3D broadcasting. The system has already been chosen by ZDF in Germany for converting selected 2D content into simulated 3D."

"Strong interest was also shown in the Logitek JetStream Mini audio mixing and IP-based networking system," adds Sarah Lenson, Preco's Commercial Manager. "It brings digital audio mixing within reach of educational studios and community-radio stations for whom the majority of existing systems were simply too expensive. The JetStream Mini is designed for use with the Logitek range of control interfaces and can be configured for single or multiple studio operation, handling console functions as well as audio networking duties throughout a facility."


Occupying just 2 RU, the Logitek JetStream Mini incorporates eight card slots and can be configured with up to 64 audio inputs/outputs from a range of five i/o modules. Features include input metering, microphone processing, EQ, profanity delay, screen-based or optional physical operating panel, pushbutton interfaces and external device control. Logitek's Pilot manual control surface is available in multiple sizes with six, 12, 18 or 24 faders and a range of metering options. Structured for simple tabletop mounting, it incorporates 24 mix-minus buses, 12 user-configurable keys and a 16-character programmable source ident below each fader.

The new Cooltouch range of rack-mounting monitors attracted the attention of many BVE attendees, offering highly space-efficient operation in mobile production vehicles, edit suites and broadcast apparatus rooms. Also shown were the new Orban OPTIMOD-FM 8600, designed to optimise FM channel sound, and the eight-channel OPTIMOD-TV 8382 television level processor which maintains a comfortable dynamic range and subjective loudness, preventing interstitials from becoming overly obtrusive.


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Founded in 1983, Preco (Broadcast Systems) Ltd, is one of Britain's largest and most experienced suppliers of equipment to the television and radio broadcast industry. Preco is sole UK distributor for 25-Seven, 360 Systems, AVT, Chromatec, Cobalt, Cooltouch, D & R, Henry Engineering, Lawo, Logitek, O.C. White, Orban, Ross Video, Telos, Teranex, Tieline, Ward Beck and Yellowtec. Preco's customers include the BBC, BSkyB, Bauer Radio, Global Radio, ITN, Radio Investments, Wireless Group and a large number of independent radio stations. Preco also supplies the security, event management and teleconferencing markets.