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Preco to focus on latest advances in 2D to 3D content conversion at BVE 2011

The Teranex VC1-2D-3D stereoscopic image generator takes centre stage on the Preco stand (E52) at BVE 2011. Mike Poirier, General Manager of Florida-based Teranex, will be attending the show to demonstrate the generator's ability to create visually credible 3D video content from 2D source material. Running on dual-channel Teranex VC100 processors, the VC1-2D-3D enables 2D video to be repurposed for 3D distribution or allows seamless mixing of 3D content with 2D archives.

It also offers the ability to insert 3D logos with adjustable horizontal, vertical and depth position. Two encoding/decoding processors are also available. The VC1-3D-ENC encoder converts 3D image content into stereoscopic formats such as side-by-side, top/bottom and checkerboard streams. The VC1-3D-DEC decodes from these formats back into separate right and left image channels.

Recent additions to the Cooltouch range of rack-mounting and stand-alone monitors will be exhibited, including triple and dual screen video/audio systems in 1 U pullout drawers. The Cooltouch DX-563A, with three 5.6 inch LCD screens plus loudspeakers, is one of the most space-efficient monitoring systems on the market.

A revolutionary new development for radio and television news reporters, Tieline's Report-IT Live turns an Apple iPhone into a high quality bidirectional audio codec. Released recently, it has already been embraced by many leading networks. "This is one of the most efficient production tools ever developed for news acquisition," comments James Thomas, Preco's Director of Engineering and Technology. "It turns an iPhone into a wireless IP audio codec and recorder. Report-IT Live allows live two-way interviews between talent and studio without need for additional recording and interface equipment. Audio contributions can also be prerecorded, trimmed and forwarded via FTP direct to the studio via a 3G link or wireless IP. Live content can also be interspersed with pre-captured clips called from a playlist."


Also on show will be the Orban OPTIMOD range of audio signal processors, used successfully by radio broadcasters throughout the world. Preco will demonstrate the new Orban OPTIMOD-FM 8600 is designed to optimise FM channel sound while delivering crisp, clean CD-like audio to DAB and netcast audiences. Dramatically improved peak limiter technology decreases distortion while increasing transient punch and high frequency power handling capacity.

For television networks, Orban's product range includes the programmable OPTIMOD-TV 8382 digital audio processor. This controls programme sound levels to maintain a comfortable dynamic range for the typical home viewer, and tames subjective loudness to prevent commercials from becoming overly obtrusive. Orban 8585 Surround audio dynamics processor will also be shown. Capable of handing up to eight channels simultaneously, it features OPTIMOD-quality two-band and five-band audio processing for surround sound broadcasting and netcasting.


Founded in 1983, Preco (Broadcast Systems) Ltd is one of Britain's largest and most experienced suppliers of equipment to the television and radio broadcast industry. Preco is sole UK distributor for 25-Seven, 360 Systems, AVT, Chromatec, Cobalt, Cooltouch, D & R, Henry Engineering, Lawo, Logitek, O.C. White, Orban, Ross Video, Telos, Teranex, Tieline, Ward Beck and Yellowtec. Preco's customers include the BBC, BSkyB, Bauer Radio, Global Radio, ITN, Radio Investments, Wireless Group and a large number of independent radio stations. Preco also supplies the security, event management and teleconferencing markets.