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Polecam 3D reaches fever pitch in UEFA Champions League Final

Polecam 3D head in position behind one of the goals and Cristian Martínez televising fans from the pitchside

Madrid-based Polecam specialists Cristian Martínez and Juan Carlos Bergantiños (Poleshot Production) have completed a successful commission for Televisión de Catalunya (TV3) as part of a team televising the 2010 UEFA Champions League football final in Spain. Held on May 22 at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, home of Real Madrid, the match between F.C. Internazionale Milano and Bayern Munich was televised in 3D via a total of 13 cameras including Polecam, Spidercam, Steadicam and overhead shots from a helicopter. Production was managed by Catalan public-service broadcaster Televisión de Catalunya (TV3) which was commissioned by UEFA to cover the event.

Poleshot's Polecam system was configured with a 4 metre boom and two Toshiba IK-HD1E 3CCD cameras operating at 1920 x 1080 50i. The HD-SDI signal from each camera was routed via fibre-optic cable to a TV3 production vehicle, the transmission output being broadcast live by satellite and simultaneously recorded on HDCAM.

"Our Polecam system gave viewers the best seat in the stadium," Juan Carlos Bergantiños explains. "Positioned directly behind a goal, it enabled us to capture spectacular action shots through and over the net as well as looking back to the cheering fans.""3D is finally moving out of cinemas into the television arena," adds Polecam Sales & Marketing Manager Vic Godding. "Once experienced, well-produced 3D sells itself as dramatically as the transition from monochrome to colour. Polecam's 'The-boom-is-the-zoom' approach delivers realistic 3D both in the foreground and middle distance while retaining our system's huge creative potential."

Operator Cristian Martínez and Polecam were seen by millions of viewers around the world when the media area was invaded by Italian fans celebrating Internazionale Milano's victory over Bayern Munich 2–0. The win gave Milan its third European Cup title and its first since the 1965 European Cup Final.

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