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Panasonic Establishes 3D Innovation Centre in Europe

To support European partnerships and consolidate global 3D strategy, marketing and communications

Panasonic announced it is establishing a European 3D Innovation Centre in Wiesbaden, Germany, to accelerate the development of its 3D business. Following the launch of its first 3D Innovation Centre in Japan in July 2010, Panasonic is now opening regional centres in both Europe from 1st October and North America from some point in the near future to support 3D partnerships, consumer demand and innovation in the regions.

3D related hardware is expected to grow dramatically and to spread rapidly. Panasonic’s business plan is to achieve an increase of more than 500% by 2012 through its home device, content solution and large display businesses. To support this growth, Europe and North America will co-ordinate with the 3D Innovation Centre headquarters based in Osaka, Japan.

Mr. Abadie, CEO and Chairman, Panasonic Europe comments, “2010 has been an exciting year so far for the 3D industry and in particular for Panasonic. Our partnerships with organisations such as the Fédération Française de Tennis for the French Open, and the launch of 3D World-Firsts such as our professional and consumer camcorders as well as the interchangeable 3D lens, have highlighted our determination to support customer demand and contribute to the expansion of the 3D industry as a whole. In order to create and maximise 3D business opportunities, our 3D Innovation Centres will coordinate all stages of the 3D business from content creation to equipment solutions under one global team; creating new business models and strengthening total solutions to meet customer needs ahead of the times.”

The Panasonic 3D Innovation Centre will take full advantage of the collective strengths of the Panasonic Group to spur the development of its 3D-related technologies and services and will focus on the following key areas:


1. Coordination

Work alongside the other regional 3D Innovation Centres within the different business units: home device, large professional displays for B2B and content solutions (including Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory), and establish a platform to share content, ideas and best practice in the field of 3D in order to provide the best solutions for customers.

2. Innovation

Innovation in both software/hardware and systems and the exploration of new business opportunities / emerging markets.

The centre will work in close collaboration with R&D and business departments (including the Corporate R&D Group, AVC Networks Company, Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd., and Panasonic Visuals, Inc.) that have led the industry in developing Full HD 3D equipment and contents.


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