Panasonic Delivers 3D Ready AG-HPD24 Deck with Native 24P Recording

New Workflow Tool Features Super-Fast USB 3.0 Interface and HDMI Output

Panasonic has introduced the solid-state AG-HPD24 P2 deck with powerful features including 3D synchronized record/playback*1; native 24P recording with variable frame rates; a super-fast USB 3.0 interface; and 24-bit, four-channel audio recording in AVC-Intra 100/50.

Featuring AVC-Intra 100/50 record/playback, the HPD24 makes 10-bit, 4:2:2 master-quality video affordable and portable. This ultra-reliable, dedicated deck allows users to playback and review P2 cards on its 8.9 cm (3.5 inches), 16:9 LCD screen; manage clip files and metadata; record full resolution, 10-bit quality content from a wide range of Panasonic and non-Panasonic cameras via its HD-SDI input; and backup data onto hard disk drives. With two P2 card slots and battery operation, the HPD24’s rugged, half-rack design holds up to the demands of field production, yet it is small and light at 2 kg (4.4 pounds) for easy transport.

Supporting the burgeoning 3D production industry, two HPD24 units can be synchronized for master-quality, full resolution isolated left/right channel 3D recording, either from cameras mounted on a 3D rig (such as Panasonic’s AK-HC1800 multipurpose cameras) or the company’s AG-3DA1 integrated dual-lens 3D camera recorder. Two HPD24s can likewise be synchronized for full HD-SDI 3D or 3D HDMI playback.


2-Unit Sync 3D Mode Supports High-Qualit y FULL HD 3D Production

The versatile HPD24 adds native 24p 1080/720 recording, 1080/24PsF input/output, 24p pull-down removal as well as real-time record/playback of variable frame rates (in 1080/24p over 60i, 720/24p over 60p) for work with special effects like over- and under-cranking. The HPD24 supports a wider range of high definition and standard definition recording formats including 1080 60i/50i/25p/24p, 720 60p/50p/24p and 480/60i, 576/50i in DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV. The unit plays back HD/SD content automatically (no need to change settings) and is internationally operablein 50Hz or 60Hz.


The HPD24’s “SuperSpeed” USB 3.0 host interface permits significantly super-fast transfer rates. This allows users to easily transfer content to low-cost, fast hard disk drives or solid-state drives for a fast and safe deliverable to clients. When attached to a computer, the USB device mode allows the HPD24 to become a two-card P2 drive. In addition, users can connect a hard drive to the HPD24, allowing the preview of non-realtime P2 content. This functionality allows for the confirmation of contentcopied to a drive, and for the reviewing of previous-shot content on a drive.

Its HDMI output enables the transmission of uncompressed digital data to an array of consumer playback devices (video projectors, digital televisions). The deck also offers an RS-422 control, thereby allowing it to be controlled as a video source by nonlinear editing systems and colour correction systems. The HPD24 also includes audio I/Os, headphone jack, timecode in/out and a reference synch input. When using two 64GB P2 cards in the HPD24’s two card slots, the unit can record for approx. 128 minutes in AVC-Intra 100 or DVCPRO HD, approx. 256 minutes in AVC-Intra 50 or DVCPRO50, or approx. 512 minutes in DVCPRO / DV.

The AG-HPD24 P2 Portable is available this month. The tentative RRP excluding VAT is €5,000.